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A simple look at a Bible contradiction

Discussion in 'Christianity and World Religion' started by smaller, Aug 14, 2002.

  1. Soul_Searcher

    Soul_Searcher Contributor

    Other Religion
    Budoka, is that your question: "Why would God allow the Bible to be so imperfect?" If so, to whom is it addressed?

    Thanks for your response to me; "I can accept the odd date being out by a year or two, or disagreements about names of minor players, but when the Bible gives two contradictory commandments it brings the validity of the whole into question, yes."

    Now if by validity you're talking about the Bible being God's Perfect Word, I agree. It's not. I believe much of it was inspired, although some of the stories are simply horrible, such as Lot offering his daughters to the mob (a story repeated later); or the general who had to sacrifice his daughter because of a promise to God. But if you're talking about a spiritual guide I believe it works very well, and when you throw Jesus' teachings into the mix, there is none better. Jesus is all about the spiritual life, and I see you as a spiritual person; I would think you'd see that.

    As I've said many times, the lessons matter, not the perfection.

    P.S. I like your quote from Ueshiba.
  2. budoka

    budoka non-religious spirituality

    SS: "Budoka, is that your question: "Why would God allow the Bible to be so imperfect?" If so, to whom is it addressed?"
    It's my question to those who believe that the Bible is the inerrant word of God which has never been mistranslated and which contains no contradictions.

    "Jesus is all about the spiritual life, and I see you as a spiritual person; I would think you'd see that."
    You are obviously a very spiritual person too, SS; unlike many Christians you can accept the fact that the Bible is not perfect.

    To them I say: There are lots of good, useful things in the world that are flawed. The Bible might be one of them. GET OVER IT!



  3. I agree with what you say apart from the linking of Matthew's version with Luke's version. These are two different statements with different meaning. Lukes version should be looked at in the context of poverty since its opposite is  "woe to you that rich".  The contradiction is that in the old testament the righteous were rewarded with material wealth which is an impediment to spirituality in the new testament. Whats the use of making one rich so that he can become blind?

    Assume that Matthew did not write beatitudes, how you would you have understood Luke's version?

    You may want to go Theology section under "is lack of finance = lack of faith" topic where we are dicussing this topic 

    I don't think so. The chronology of events in the Gospels are not similar.