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A science question about the flood.

Discussion in 'Creation & Evolution' started by Arikay, Feb 6, 2003.

  1. Arikay

    Arikay HI

    Thanks for the info. :)

    Being inspired by it, I decided to try to dust off some of those math skills and do some numbers. They should be correct but they may need some checking, as I havnt done math stuff for awhile, and there are enough large numbers, that it increases the chance of transfering a number wrong but everything should be right.

    In the bible it states that the flood waters went over the highest mountain. Everest was then and still is the tallest mountain in the world at aprox 5.5 miles above sea level. For my calculations I round everest down to 5 miles above sea level, to help average out places that are bellow sea level, and I figured its better to und erestimate than over estimate. The bible also says that it rained for 40 days and 40 nights. I took this to mean constant rain for 40, 24 hour, days.

    Since water likes to settle out, it would have to rain enough to cover the earth in a layer of water more than 5 miles high (from sea level).

    The total Volume of water = 988,042,974 Miles cubed.

    If it was all gathered together in a sphere, it would have a radius of 617 Miles. A circumference of 3877 Miles.

    On a one square mile section of the earth, it would rain:
    137,998,080,000 Gallons of water per day.
    1,597,200 Gallons of water per second.

    On a one square foot section of the earth it would rain:
    17.5 Gallons of water per second.

    (im not sure about this one)
    It would put 779 Atmospheres of pressure on anything at our sea level.

    Fun Math. :)
  2. Zadok001

    Zadok001 Gli alberi hanno orecchie, occhi e denti.

    Methinks said flood would have prevented yon Ark from floating, neh? :)
  3. Arikay

    Arikay HI

    Yeah, I think so. 17.5 gallons of water = Aprox 149 Pounds.

    Could the ark Widthstand a barage like this?

    Im interested in knowing how many Pounds per square foot, 17.5 gallons of water would put on the ark if it was dropped from a reasonable height.

  4. tacoman528

    tacoman528 Member


    I wouldn't have thought of that myself, good answer.
  5. tacoman528

    tacoman528 Member

    Not all the water came from rain, if you read the flood story, you will find that it says that most of the water came from the ground. See www-drdino-com for more details
  6. Mechanical Bliss

    Mechanical Bliss Secrecy and accountability cannot co-exist.

    ...except it's not a good answer because the pressure would not be the same. Do you not even read the responses?
  7. Mechanical Bliss

    Mechanical Bliss Secrecy and accountability cannot co-exist.

    Then explain how it occurred and what evidence you have.

    If you want to make a point, make it instead of saying "see www-drdino-com for more details" every single time.

    The thing is, you ask for people to explain things in their own words and the response you inevitably give every time is a link to Dr. Dino's site which lacks any scientific credibility whatsoever. Apparently you don't hold yourself to the same standard you expect others to meet.

    As they say, "put up, or shut up."
  8. Arikay

    Arikay HI

    Well, DrDino has so many problems with their math and logic that I wouldnt trust to many things there.

    Where does it say that "most" of the water came from the ground? I could only find a one line section tht says any water come from the earth, and it doesnt sound too descriptive. It also says that wind blew the water off the edge of the earth. :)

    Lets say that half the water came from the ground. This would first of all, kill another theory that says the earth absorbed the water and thats what broke the continents apart. Second based on the numbers I got. It would still mean that it was raining 8.75 gallons of water per second per square foot on the earth.

  9. wehappyfew

    wehappyfew New Member

    Sorry guys, simple logic and math will cost you this point. The air pressure at sea level is nearly the same even if sea-level is higher by 29K feet.

    from AIG (can't give the url do to forum rules, but do a search on "oxygen"):
    "However, if we assume the worst case scenario of the radius of the earth increasing by 9 kilometres due to the water, the surface area of the earth plus water would have been greater than the earth so that the weight of air would have been spread over a bigger area so that the pressure would have been less.

    How much would the air pressure have been reduced? Less than 0.3%."

  10. Arikay

    Arikay HI

    thanks for the Info. :)

  11. ikester7579

    ikester7579 Well-Known Member

    In fact when you raise the sea level your also pushing out our atmosphere. So in other words our atmosphere for those forty days and nights was expanded further in to space. And then reseded with the water.
  12. notto

    notto Legend

    United Ch. of Christ
    Where did the water go?