1. T

    Why do Bad Things Happen to God's People?

    SCRIPTURE: 'He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High Shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress; My God, in Him I will trust.” Surely He shall deliver you from the snare of the fowler And from the perilous pestilence. He shall...
  2. lizhoney

    Bible Study Friends?!!

    I would like to start a bible study group. Would anyone be interested in joining? Comment and let me know (:
  3. T

    Romans 9 Question

    Blessings Brothers and Sisters, Does anyone have articles or links they can send me on the early Church’s’ interpretation of Romans 9? What I have found thus far is the early Church did not look at Romans 9 in a double predestination sense. I have not found many articles though, very few...
  4. GodJesusAndChocolate

    Pictures Of Food And Beverages We Love ^-^ =3

    Here we can post pictures of Food and Beverages we love!! :hug::hug::):):full::full::hrelax::hrelax::coffee::coffee::cookie::cookie::curryrice::curryrice::custard::custard::icecreamcone::icecreamcone::maize::maize::pizza::pizza::tangerine::tangerine:
  5. AlexB23

    Hello fellow Christians

    Hello fellow Christians. I am Alex, a Christian guy with autism who is new to the forums. God's creation, our world and science fascinate me, as everything is interconnected and study of His creation align with God and the Bible. - Alex B.
  6. GodJesusAndChocolate

    What Are You Currently Writing?? ^-^ =3

    Hello Friends!! :hug::hug::):) Here we can talk about what we are currently writing!! :hug::hug::):):coffee::coffee::cookie::cookie::custard::custard::icecreamcone::icecreamcone:
  7. GodJesusAndChocolate

    What Are You Doing?? / What Have You Been Doing?? ^-^ =3

    Hello!! Here we can just talk about what we have been doing recently or what we are currently doing right now. =3 ^-^ :):):hug::hug::coffee::coffee::cookie::cookie::custard::custard::icecreamcone::icecreamcone:
  8. W

    Query about Tenant

    Hi Team, I am a Christian. Recently I purchased a new house by the grace of God and Christ. I purchased using home loan. I need to pay EMI. When I try to rent the house, some of my Christian friends were telling me that I need to rent the house only to Christians. They tell as that God...
  9. L

    Imma be real, I’m seeking Christian, anime/drawing loving friends

    I want Christian anime friends that love anime and drawing. I’m down for texting or emailing, but please be above 20 ya girl not trynna catch a case.
  10. ThisDogDoneGone


    ThisDogDoneGone is one of Jesus' most loyal supporters and a firm believer in Scripture and communing with Jesus rather than God when praying. As a Lutheran, I believe in the Trinity, but with a personal challenge that has made life nearly unliveable for me, as I could not use the word "God" in...
  11. J

    Just as I am without one plea

    Behold NOW is the accepted time Behold NOW is the day of Salvation If you had to do anything first before coming to Christ to be saved, then now is not the accepted time. Come to Christ as you are. Feel free to watch the short message of hope below: Short message of hope
  12. mjorme

    Christian persecution in Pakistan
  13. GodJesusAndChocolate

    Walking Videos

    Hello!! Here we can post Walking Videos or Walking Tour Videos. :):):groupray::groupray::clap::clap::cheer::cheer::coffee::coffee::cookie::cookie::custard::custard::icecreamcone::icecreamcone:
  14. GodJesusAndChocolate

    Bible Study Fellowship

    Hello!! Here we can talk about The Bible and post anything Bible Study related. :hug::hug::groupray::groupray::cheer::cheer::study::study:
  15. GodJesusAndChocolate

    Read The Bible Online For Free / Free Bible Apps

    Hello!! ^-^ =3 Here we can post Free Online Bibles and Free Bible Apps. :clap::clap::clap::clap::coffee::coffee::coffee::coffee::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::custard::custard::custard::custard::icecreamcone::icecreamcone::icecreamcone::icecreamcone:
  16. GodJesusAndChocolate

    Free Audio Bibles

    Hello!! ^-^ =3 Here we can post Free Audio Bibles. :clap::clap::clap::clap::coffee::coffee::coffee::coffee::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::custard::custard::custard::custard::icecreamcone::icecreamcone::icecreamcone::icecreamcone:
  17. GodJesusAndChocolate

    The Cozy Thread ^-^ =3

    Hello! This is The Cozy Thread! ^-^ =3 Here we can post anything Cozy (Cozy Pictures, Cozy Videos, Pictures/Videos of Cozy Food, Cozy Ambience Videos, Cozy Animal Pictures/Videos). We can just relax here with our French Vanilla Coffee, Thai Sweet Tea, Vanilla Cream Doughnuts, Vanilla Chai Tea...
  18. GodJesusAndChocolate

    The CF Diary Thread ^-^ =3

    Hello! This is The CF Diary Thread! Here we can say whatever is on our mind or what we are feeling. We can use this Thread as a Digital Diary! ^-^ =3...
  19. GodJesusAndChocolate

    The Coffee Shop

    Hello! Here we can bring our Coffee, Tea, Latte, Cappuccino, Iced Coffee, Iced Tea, Thai Iced Tea, Vanilla Cream Doughnuts, and anything you like to eat/drink! Just another place for us to Fellowship and Hangout! =D ^-^...
  20. Christ2132

    Does the Bible contain the latin word "virtus" (virtue)?

    Hello all together, I am looking for Bible passages which contain the latin expression "virtus" - does such a passage exist? I'd be really thankful if anyone could help me. God bless you