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    Encounters - The Six Day War

    I'm not too sure about "Angelic intervention" - strange things often occur in battle when men are driven to absolute physical and mental exhaustion. In World War One - there was a famous claim that in the Battle of Mons (1914) - Angels came to the aid of the British army and drove back the...
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    The Anti Christ?

    Hallo Newbie, Please change your logo. You know what I mean.
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    It happens

    My father died over 5 years ago. He was only 61. He didn't smoke, drink. He exercised regularly and was very fit. He was an Elder of his church and a good Christian man. He got cancer. We prayed for him and we thought there would be a miracle and he would be healed. A few small miracles did seem...
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    Tim LaHaye´s New Book

    &nbsp; Sorry I disargree. What about Enoch? In NIV Genesis 5:23-24 "Altogether, Enoch lived 365 years. <SUP>24</SUP> Enoch walked with God; then he was no more, because God took him away." Here was a person whom God took away from earth. And why? In the book of Hebrews, it is...
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    Japan launches compulsory ID network

    I don't see the problem in having a compulsory ID. Seriously, I don't. All of us have numbers -example: the US has&nbsp;the social security number system. Australia has a drivers license number. Not to mention the banks' number accounts etc.. If you think the system of numerical ID is...
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    A MYSTERY : Rapture and the Parable of the Ten Virgins

    Sorry Thunder, I couldn't remove your 1st two messages like you asked. Don't worry about it. Cheers
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    Lucifer: Fallen Angel or Fallen King??

    Some Christians read that passage as referring to Satan. Elsewhere in the Bible "satan" is presumed to be the King of Tyre also. But personally, I think it is so ambigious that one should not hold onto that theological position&nbsp;dogmatically. Satan often uses human beings to fulfil his...
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    The Time Is Short. You can help prepare the way.

    Looks more like the usual "christian" spam. Pay no attention to him. &nbsp;
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    What are the signs that Jesus is coming back?

    Sorry but the discussion of pretist theology in this forum is not to be conducted here. Please move the discussion to the Roundtable Forum. Thank you for your understanding, YM
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    Does todays Isreal have the backing of god and bible prophesy as a sign of the end??

    Hello Everyone, Please use a little bit more Christian civility in your postings. "Do unto them as you wish they do unto you" (Unless you are a masochist :) ). So please craft your posts carefully using more Christian love and restraint. God bless you all, YM
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    Does todays Isreal have the backing of god and bible prophesy as a sign of the end??

    Hello, I am not arguing for that theology, Dispensationalism or whatever. I am basing my arguments on a literal reading of the book of Romans. Paul did at one point in the book - say that the Gospel was meant first for the Jews (and I'm pretty sure he meant the biological Jews) and then...
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    Does todays Isreal have the backing of god and bible prophesy as a sign of the end??

    IMHO - In my humble opinion. AFAIK - as far as I know IIRC - If I remember correctly ROTFL - roll over the floor with laughter (I hate this) LOL - lots of laughter :^) a smile <^.^> - a kat
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    Does todays Isreal have the backing of god and bible prophesy as a sign of the end??

    Sorry, but the context of the passage is dealing with the issue of spiritual salvation. Only spiritual descendents of Abraham go to Heaven. That does not mean that the biological descendents of Abraham are forgotten by God.
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    Is the end closer than we think!

    For greater concern, will that 666 chip be a chocolate chip or a potato chip? I don't think it will be a computer chip. Those things taste awful. :) Just kidding! YM But seriously, the more important issue is to realize that the "mark of the beast" has to do explictly with the...