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    What are your opinions on taking antidepressants?

    Mark DeJesus has a lot of things that will help you understand that this is a spiritual battle
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    What are your opinions on taking antidepressants?

    Also I would like to note that many commercials on antidepressants say that some of the side effects are suicidal thoughts also there is commercials that say if your antidepressants not working maybe add this I strongly recommend that you do not start them this can be resolved you must get to...
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    Have a hard time believing and it terrifies me

    Simply ask God to reveal himself to you. I find the problem is that most churches preach another Jesus it is not the true real authentic Jesus which causes people the question is God real. It's not about going to church on Sunday it's about spending time in the word of God and praying and asking...
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    Accepting BPD Diagnosis

    Bipolar can be a imbalance in your brain however most of the time it is not it is simply that you need Deliverance in areas of your life where there has been trauma. Seek counsel of the Holy Spirit I challenge you to get up a half hour early and spend that time in prayer really seeking God and...