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    I have decided that I want to convert to Christianity

    Hey i have reading your message, and want to welcome you. I think the first steps is to understand what Christianity means, chat to people you know are cristian and can tel you more about it. Ask them any questions that's laying on your hard. I encourage also to read the bible, there are...
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    Do you hide also?

    Hey i have seen you massage. A little believer or young believer is the best situation you can be in. Becouse you will learn a lot if you read or listen to the bible. The bible is quite clear and says "go out and make all nations me known" If you want you can start asking biblical questions with...
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    Hi Im muslim and Im intrested in your religion

    Hey if i read true all of this it is a lot of information and confusing, even my earlier message. Please contact me on:
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    Hi Im muslim and Im intrested in your religion

    Hey, We love Jesus so much becouse he died for us. Becouse Jesus died, he took our sins away so we can talk to God. We people are born sinfully so we need Jesus and that's why we love Jesus so much Jesus is not a normal man, Jesus is the son of God, not that God has children but more like a...
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    Good God... Please answer all four..

    1. Could God do evil if he wanted to? 2. Would it be possible for him to want to do evil? 3. Is anything God does by definition good.... but if I were to do it then it would be evil? 4. Is there a principle of right and wrong that transcends God? 1. no not evil, people that are obsessed with...