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Nov 11, 2010
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Disciple of Jesus


Disciple of Jesus ., Male, from Mobile

THE LAST REFORMATION : FREE AUDIO BOOK -HERE https://thelastreformation.com/shop/books/last-reformation-audio-book/ Mar 20, 2019

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    To get a fair idea of where im coming from -this FREE AUDIO BOOK (not mine) Best reflects a lot of my views .

    it is titled " The last reformation" by Torban Sondergaard .

    yes it is an odd name for a book -Bold . And in a very short time has caused a growth in a movement outside the churched traditional system birthing independant evangelistic moves all over the world with one goal in mind - build nothing -just go heal the sick preach the gospel drive out devils ,baptise people in Jesus name and make more disciples teaching them to do the same .

    Due to this being its main focus and goal -to both DO it and to equip and motivate all other believers to do it . It has already begun to draw some of the most intense attacks of slander and lie and media flak . of any movement in any so called christian nation . It is so effective it draws intense rage and envy from the older religious systems. in its home country the government there -being dominated traditionally by a certain denomination -is in motion to change laws to OUTLAW THE GOSPEL in what was considered a christian nation -seeking to outlaw casting out devils and do any kind of ministry outside of the established churches and their religious authority .

    of what occured to the early anabaptist movement -forbidding the freedom of the great commission to all believers -forbidding the freedom to evangelize by the outline of the great commission.

    times ARE changing and at a great pace .
    this book is well worth a look -the audio version is FREE.

    The Last Reformation Audio Book - The Last Reformation

    most LOVE IT or HATE it . you tube has false edited clips taken out of context attacking it -purposely edited to misrepresent teachings etc (bearing false witness against it ) *Thou shalt Not bear False witness *

    Two excellent Documentary style movies are WELL worth a watch

    the last reformation "the beginning"
    and the last reformation " the life ".. Both FREE on Youtube .-in which you see the american pop star Lou bega (mumbo # 5 ) and his whole house hold saved , baptised in the Holy Spirit and in water -all captured on film . (the reason he has released a new song focussed on the topic of water baptism )


    Though I walk in the midst of trouble, you preserve my life; you stretch out your hand against the wrath of my enemies, and your right hand delivers me.-Psalm 138:7
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