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Bible Highlighter

KJB 03

KJB 03
Bible Highlighter, May 10, 2021
    • Dale
      The King James Version has been proven to be inaccurate in several places, including the Gospels. It is also extremely difficult to understand. Scholars today have access to numerous manuscripts that were not available to the KJV translators. The state of scholarship into ancient languages is also much better today.

      I can't really read the print in the clips posted here. I am familiar with both passages and there is no reason to prefer what the KJV says to later translations. There is no conspiracy to attack Jesus or to cover anything up. Translators have chosen a different word, which conveys the meaning very well.

      I am not in the business of defending the NKJV, but the claim that it says to reject Jesus is completely false. There is nothing in either of the verses quoted to back up this wild claim.
    • Bible Highlighter

      First, you have to be open to learning on this topic instead of just trusting what others say. For I know without a shadow of doubt if you did your own homework on this issue, you will discover that the Modern Translations are corrupted so badly it would disturb you greatly.

      Second, there are tons of resources out there to see what the big deal about the KJB is all about. But to give you fast track on why Christians hold to the KJB as the pure Word of God, here are two sources.

      #1. 30 reasons why the KJB is the divine and pure Word of God for today (CF Thread).

      #2. Mr. Gipps KJB 8 part series.

      Mr Gipp was a part of movie like quality series of videos done on the KJB issue.
      (Note: The videos are not that long in length; They are each about 7-11 minutes long).

      Here is the 1st episode.

      Here is a link on YouTube to all seven episodes + a bonus video.

      Note: While I may not believe everything Mr. Gipp believes (Particularily his view on Soteriology), and neither do I agree with everything that he says, I do agree with him that the KJB is our final Word of authority. He presents a really good case that I think every Christian should hear.
    • Dale
      I recommend this book, by Dr. James White.

      The King James Only Controversy: Can You

      Trust Modern Translations? Updated,

      Expanded Edition

      by James R. White (Author), Mike Baird (Foreword)

      Published by Bethany House, 2009
    • Dale
      How confusing can a Bible translation get?

      Thou shalt destroy them that speak leasing: the LORD will abhor
      the bloody and deceitful man.--Psalm 5:6 KJV

      Should we “destroy” realtors who rent residential and business space using leases?

      Very few people know that “leasing” once meant deception, hundreds of years ago.

      You destroy those who tell lies; bloodthirsty and deceitful
      men the LORD abhors.--Psalm 5:6 NIV

      See, the NIV is much clearer. The problem is “lies” and deceit, not “leasing.”
    • Bible Highlighter

      No thanks. I am aware of James White and his false arguments against the divine preservation of a perfect Word of God for our existence today. To make matters worse, he is a Calvinist, as well. I believe Calvinism is about as silly as believing in a Flat Earth. For it is illogical to assume God gets angry at sin if God is the One who chooses some to be saved and chooses others to not be saved. Why doesn't God just elect them and not be angry? Also, 2 Thessalonians 2:10 and Jonah 3:6-10 demolishes Calvinism. No offense of course (if you believe in Calvinism). Again, stop and think for a moment. Did you even look at the verses and see that it is a problem by the photo above? The NKJV by indirect means is telling you to reject Jesus (among many other problems). The devil's name is placed in Modern Translations.

      Ever wonder why 1 John 5:7 is not in most Modern Translations? It's because they are using the corrupt “Alexandrian, Egyptian” manuscripts. 1 John 5:7 is the ONLY verse in your Bible that point blank teaches the Trinity. No other verse teaches this like 1 John 5:7. Yet, this is removed from most Modern Translations because it does not appear in the Alexandrian, Egyptian manuscripts (of which most Modern Translations are based upon). If you were to Google the origin of Arianism (Anti-Trinitarianism), you would see that it also originates from Alexandrian, Egypt. My. What a coincidence. It does not take a detective to figure out that the same place that Arianism had originated had removed 1 John 5:7 in the Scriptures because they obviously did not like it. But you are free to believe as you wish. There are so many things like these that are too difficult to ignore unless one wants to ignore them because they like the Alexandrian mindset that believes that God's Word needs to constantly be improved all the time.
    • Bible Highlighter
    • Dale
      The example I just cited proves the contrary.
    • Dale
      Maybe you've heard this story.

      King James went to the dedication of a new cathedral. As he came out of the service, someone asked him what he thought of the new cathedral.

      King James replied: "It was awful."
      He meant that it was awe-inspriing. Yet this isn't what "awful" means today.
      If I went to a new church as an architecture critic and said that it was "awful," no one would think that I was saying it was awe-inspiring. They would think I was saying that it was terrible.

      The language has simply changed too much since 1600.
    • Dale
      Bible Highlighter, I notice that you make no attempt to explain or defend your use of either of the quotes you started with. There is nothing wrong with the more modern translation of these passages.
    • Bible Highlighter
      Sorry Dale. You cannot offer new info. unless you first deal with the actual problem of the verses in the NKJV located within the photo posted here. I am also not against using Modern Translations. I am against the idea of the Alexandrian, Egyptian mindset that says we have to improve God's Word and there is no perfect Word of God in existence today. Easier does not always mean better. You know. God wants us to study to show ourselves approved unto Him, but you would only know this if you know the King James Bible. Modern Translations can be helpful sometimes but they offer a lot of wrong doctrine and make a person to doubt God's Word. We need to have a final Word of authority. There can only be one Word of God for today and not many.
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