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When Jesus Is All You Have

  1. I was thinking about how lonely we can become. I dont belong to a church and have not many friends but thats not the worst part. I also think about how some people desire to ruin our faith, not because they want us to fall but because they want to be right. We all want to be right. I cant blame others for their destructive words because they are basically in the same boat as me. We all need to be right, we all need to know God is on our side.

    Anyway, sometimes people really seem to destroy my faith, and i surely cant look to myself for hope because thats a dead end. So what do i have then? I have Jesus, in my heart and mind. Whenever others want to destroy me, i have a refuge in the Lord. I have peace, i have more peace actually when i am treated wrong by others. What a blessing it is to find this secret place. I hope and pray that others find this refuge when they are feeling lost.
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  1. EzekielsWheels
    W2L I am sorry to hear about your struggles and I very much sympathize with you. I pray the Lord provides you what you need to grow in him and help with any loneliness.
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    1. W2L