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Using Google Maps To Document Your Past Life


    After one thing led to another, I came up with the idea of using Google Maps to make a record of some of the important places in my life’s history. I have just begun this project, and have much more to do on it, but thought I would share this idea with some people before I go on. Since I didn’t want to post this project on the Internet, I decided to use Google Maps, cut and past the URL’s to a Word file, showing places I wanted to see pictures of, give and explanation of them above, and then be able to privately be able to go through it without it being posted on line all the time for others to see. Thinking this was a good idea and interesting project, I thought others might like to do the same thing regarding their own important places in their lives. Old houses, schools, places of employment, favorite places of entertainment, shopping, vacation spots, other relatives homes, and wherever one has spent some time are all places one could consider using.

    One could even create a bucket list of places they would like to go.

    See below to get an idea of how to do this. Enjoy.

    I got these pictures of the places as they looked in 2018, so of course they are slightly different than how they were when they were associated with me.

    Place the curser anywhere over the link, hold down “control”, and left click and wait for it to open.

    This is a picture of the house I came home to from the hospital after I was born.

    Google Maps

    This is the house I grew up in from ages 3 to 19.

    Google Maps

    This is the elementary school that I attended from the last half of my kindergarten year till the 8th grade.

    Google Maps

    This is Lincoln Elementary’s back exit/entrance that I used, being on the street my house was on.

    Google Maps

    This is the aerial view showing both Lincoln, at top, & Casimir Elem. School, my 1st half of kindergarten.

    Google Maps

    This is the aerial view of North High School, where I attended all 4 years.

    Google Maps

    This is the front of the High School.

    Google Maps
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  1. Stone-n-Steel
    This is an interesting idea. A short click on your profile tells me you have a ways to go from here ;)