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  1. Sounds of Tinnitus - Sound Relief Hearing Center

    I just found the website above with these various sounds of tinnitus.
    I listened to them all, but could not hear no. 2.
    I asked my wife if she could hear no. 2. She said "Yes" and that it was a high pitched noise she thought would drive people crazy. I am thinking that the reason I can't hear it is because it is exactly what I hear all the time and is just blending in with what I already hear.
    I would be interested in reading if any others on CF have tinnitus, and if it sounds like any of these sounds listed on the link at top.


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  1. EzekielsWheels
    I do pray for healing of your tinnitus Greg. Every once in a while I hear high pitched sounds like that but I don't know if that's tinnitus.
    1. Greg Merrill
      Some forms of tinnitus are "constant" like mine. Others are "occasional" when it is a mild, or very mild case.