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The Start

By FredVB · May 21, 2021 · ·
In the beginning
  1. The Creator, Yahweh, unlimited essential being, made all of the heavens and this earth, at the beginning, and it was not a world of suffering. As the Creator is perfect with perfect goodness, so this was in the Creator's creation from the beginning. Yahweh made the light and separated it from darkness, Yahweh made the skies with the atmosphere and separated waters with it, Yahweh made the land with separating it from seas, Yahweh made the plants including the great trees, Yahweh made the sun, the moon, and all the celestial bodies, Yahweh made all the creatures of the seas, Yahweh made all the creatures that fly in the skies, Yahweh made all the land-dwelling creatures, and Yahweh made humanity, with humans to reflect the image of the Creator. It was all good. Humans were given responsibilities in this world, to care for it with stewardship of the Creator's world, as it is the Creator's creation. There was no suffering in this, there was not any death with the world as Yahweh made it, this way. And Yahweh took the first humans, and put them in the garden in this world that was the perfect environment for them, and the creatures with them, and it would be for their children. This was made for it to always last this way.

    The Creator introduced the early living things to the worlds with their suns shining on them each. And great beings, which were in the heavenly Garden first were called and sent to oversee the worlds.

    When the first of humanity had been cast out from the garden in their world which had the perfect design for them and those in there, with the rebellion of iniquity, the creatures who were inhabitants there having fellowship with humanity and among each other were notified, with such great changes now happening, which wasn't all their doing.

    There is more of this writing from me I share through the CF site, with posts in a thread starting here. write something nonsensical, surreal, silly. (3)

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  1. FredVB
    The Creator, Yahweh, then cast the first of humanity, who would be parents to all subsequent humanity, out from the garden that was provided for being the perfect habitat for them and the creatures there with them that they were to have friendly fellowship with. They were left with skins for protection, with it never shown where those came from or how Yahweh provided those to them, as they went on through the world left to them now with thorns and thistles present, and growing problems, with death approaching continuously, and more so later. They and their children after them needed to provide for themselves for their needs, for food and clothing in the world they now had with occasional discomforts, including the colder surroundings they had every night, and when change of seasons happened whenever it was that it would come. They did what they could to keep growing the edible vegetation around for food. But more for clothing was needed, at least for much of the time, for the children they had and for all the times they grew more. So it was that certain animals were kept, sheep were most useful then for gathering wool cut off from them, for weaving material for more clothing.

    Yahweh still drove all people to recognize the Creator from all that there still was from the provision. There are more ways than just one to know there is God. Direct revelation is one way, there is the testimony of others to show revelation that came to them additionally, and all could still see there is God behind all the creation, still.