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Steps To The Mark. Step 3. Catalyst For Change.

By Marilyn C · Jan 12, 2021 ·
  1. Step 3. Catalyst for Change.

    For a Global Government and economy to function effectively it must not only be connected through networks of trade and finance, it also needs to control the population. And this must be seen to be in the people`s best interest. People need to not only desire change but vocally call for it.

    7a. Covid..jpg

    The corona virus Pandemic and the draconian limitations on the public across the world, is leading to an imminent destruction of the economic and social areas. This is about to hit the world in the next several months, in a manner worse than the great depression.

    In the Global Financial Crisis of 2008 and the great depression of the 1920`s, the stock markets collapsed by more than 50%, credit markets froze up, massive bankruptcies followed, unemployment soared to above 10%. But all of this took three years to play out. In the current crisis, similar dire macroeconomic and financial outcomes materialized in three weeks.

    Countries have locked down bringing disruption to the global supply chains by halting production of goods and the offering of services. Generalised shortages could ultimately push inflation up.

    Mass bankruptcies will result in a loss of jobs in an already destroyed economic situation for individuals and businesses. It will exacerbate the already vicious cycle. Small, medium and large companies have already begun to default on their providers while struggling to pay their employees.

    Many people are finding it very difficult to even have food for the week. Charity shops and food banks have been inundated as people queue for hours to just get a parcel of food.

    7b. food line..jpg


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