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Steps To The Mark. Heading & Step 4. The Great Reset.

By Marilyn C · Jan 13, 2021 ·
  1. 10. Heading. Transition..jpg

    Step 4. The Great Reset.

    The phrase the `global economic reset,` has been increasingly used by elitists in the central banking world for several years. In 2014 Christine Lagarde, the head of the IMF, talked about it in relation to the New World Order.

    The `reset` is promoted as a solution to the ongoing economic crisis which was triggered in 2008. This same financial crash is still with us today; but now, after a decade of central bank money printing and debt creation, the bubble is even bigger than it was before.

    As always, the central bank `cure` is far worse than the disease, and the renewed crash we face today is far more deadly than what would have happened in 2008 if we had simply taken our medicine and refused to prop up weak parts of the economy artificially.

    11a. Time. The Great Reset..jpg

    The WEF has posted a rather bizarre video on the Reset, which consists of a series of images of the world falling apart (and images of factories releasing harmless carbon emissions into the air which I suppose is meant to scare us with notions of global warming). The destruction is then `reset` at the push of a button, with everything reversing back to a pristine world of nature with less humans, and the words `Join Us.`

    The global reset is being implemented by central banks and the IMF. The launch by the WEF, (World economic Forum) will be in a summit in 2021 about May, (date yet to be decided), to discuss their plans more openly with the world and the mainstream media.


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