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So Who Is To Say Who Is Right Or Wrong?

  1. My CF alerts now tell me there are over 320 blogs I have not read. Well I just read one, and it stimulated me to write this one entitled "So Who is to Say Who is Right or Wrong?" Someone writes about "the five solas". They talk about Catholics, they talk about Protestants, and say they are both wrong. They then go on to talk about what THEY think is right. They mention the need of "immersion" for salvation, and I think THEY are wrong. So now we have Catholics that are wrong; Protestants that are wrong; and the blogger that is wrong. The blogger says the first two are wrong, and I agree, and I say the blogger is wrong on immersion. So who is to say who is right or wrong? I am. You are. We will all give an account to God, and He will ultimately reveal who has been right or wrong, and most likely most have been both at times.
    But if we have been wrong, that can be very costly for us, even cost us a happy eternity. So God expects us to do our own research, make our own decisions, and then be judged accordingly.
    So here we are on CF reading all these blogs, and then reading all those responses to the blogs, some we agree with, some we don't, some we don't know (because of our own ignorance) whether they are right or wrong. All these blogs are helpful, if you are looking to find out what other people believe; but all these blogs are confusing, if you are looking for accurate knowledge and truth. All these blogs could even be considered "dangerous" if they are being read by the naive, the uninitiated in religious discussions, the theologically uneducated, the Biblically illiterate, and are thinking they are going to find nothing but good direction and good, accurate, spiritual teaching here. I see some grossly inaccurate statements being written here. Sometimes someone will write a response to point them out. Usually that just ends up in an argument rather than appreciation for better enlightenment. Some find it their calling to "defend/contend for the faith", Jude 3. Others want to "open their eyes, and to turn them from darkness to light," Acts 26:18. Still others want to "expound the way of God more perfectly." Acts 18:26. I don't have a problem with people doing any of these, and may they continue to "press on." In the reading of "all these blogs" on CF, I wonder if there should be some kind of warning, some kind of disclaimer, that everything that is written, is not necessarily good for the reader.
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  1. AACJ

    What are the results of applying any kind of supposed doctrinal truth? Does it produce revival; does it result in the gifts of God being poured out, deliverance from bondage and sin? Is Christ and His work being lifted up instead of the clever and power of man?

    God's word meticulously describes the consequences and fruit of Correct Scriptural interpretation and application. Do we want to know what constitutes true doctrine concerning healing? Well then we need to examine history's highly effective Christians who had real and great healing ministries. what about the doctrine of deliverance of demonic possession, well there are those who have had great ministries in that as well. If I want to understand how revivalism takes off and is sustained, well then I only have to read Scripture and the writings of those that have been highly successful in starting and maintaining revivals in the US and elsewhere. Surely a great and successful revivalist (such as John Edwards) has correctly interpreted and applied God's word pertaining to revivalism. This is why it is important to read canonical and non-canonical writings. Why reinvent the wheel so to speak, pertaining to doctrine on a specif topic when God has already given correct formulation to someone else?

    Just as the apostle Paul was provided the capacity and knowledge to be objectively right in His is Scriptural interpretation, we too have access to such true objectivity because the same God who gave that to Paul has not changed and He is willing to give such objectively true interpretation to us (James 1:5)

    God's word is true; the Truth sets free; therefore, correct Scriptural interpretation and application should therefore result in freedom and reacquiring the promises of God.
  2. WilliamBo
    I agree. I only read maybe 1/20 blog entries for that reason. I'm not interested in other people's opinions, I know what the Word says. Its a shame that so much false doctrine is allowed here but maybe its good so people like you can help them understand where they are wrong?
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