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Revelation. Vision 3. Christ The Mediator. Contents & Overview.

By Marilyn C · Feb 21, 2021 ·

  1. Contents. (3).jpg


    In the next section of the Book of Revelation, from Ch. 8 – 13, God reveals Christ to us as the one who not only executes the judgments but the one who is the great Mediator to God and man. We will study many aspects of His work dealing with many peoples, nations and leaders.

    When Christ executes the judgments we see that they will span just short of 7 years tribulation. However at near the midway point this signals what is called, the Great Tribulation. Many events occur at the same time then and continue through to the end, culminating with Christ`s return.

    As we look at each section it becomes clear that God is showing us not only the time span of 3 ½ years and the horrific events that are unfolding, but God is also revealing Christ as the Mediator and Victor, the one who overcomes the terrible foe.

    The Tribulation.

    The 7 trumpets give the specific time of events during the tribulation and thus enable us to place when other activities unfold. One of the main points is the 5th trumpet which occurs midway during the tribulation. As we will see from the diagram there is an acceleration of activity from then on as the Anti-Christ begins his rule over the Final Gentile Global Government. But only for God`s Appointed Time.

    Middle of the Tribulation.

    Christ the Mediator between God and Man declares that the time of Israel`s great distress would be `time, times and half a time,` 3 ½ years. This would be when Jerusalem would be trodden down for the final time by the Gentiles. However during this persecution of the Jews, God raises up 2 men, Moses and Elijah to witness to them of the coming Messiah. Their testimony and great power is throughout this period and will be seen all over the world.

    The Final Gentile Global Government is given authority for 42 months, 3 ½ years. The Anti-Christ and his executor, the False Prophet control every aspect of people`s lives and many are persecuted and martyred. Some people however managed to escape & hideaway for that terrible time while many Jews flee to the mountains looking to God to protect them.


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