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Restorationism And Beyond Part 1: Intro

  1. View attachment 258852 It's not easy to be clear in a world of confusion. You have to revisit every concept and get to the bottom of what it really means. You have to question everything - not just in the sense of whether it's true or not, but before that - in the sense of what it even is.

    I was young when I first decided to seek God. I went about it in what seemed the obvious way: I went to church. I got a sense that something was wrong with the church. I came there looking for God, but somehow did not sense God's presence there.

    So I thought, well, maybe that wasn't the right church. Try another one, and another one, and another one. I'm not saying churches are all the same in every regard. There are plenty of differences, but not the one difference I was looking for.

    Occasionally, I would catch a tantalizing glimpse of something Divine - a situation or person where some genuine love and spiritual wisdom showed itself. But it was always fleeting, as if the Holy Spirit did not live there, but was just passing through.

    And every church - every single one - preached that they were the right church and there was something wrong with the others. They couldn't all be right. Could they all be wrong?

    One day I decided to read the entire Bible cover to cover. My only regret is not having done so sooner. But it increased my sense of cognitive dissonance. There was so much in the Bible that wasn't being discussed in church. And preachers kept taking verses out of context to mean things that in context they didn't seem to mean at all.

    I had an epiphany recently - a cognitive breakthrough. But I can't summarise it, because of the confusion around the meanings of words. No. First I need to clarify a great many things. One post won't do it. I need to present it as a series. It begins here. I need to begin at the beginning, with the New Testament Church.

    Why? Because it is not at all the same thing as any church today. I know you've been told otherwise. I've been told otherwise. But what I'm saying now is the truth, and I'm going to prove it to you.

    (This is not the epiphany I referred to. This is just the first of several things that need to be cleared up before I can share the epiphany.)

    More to come...


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