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Response To Evolutionist

  1. I put a prayer request on the CF prayer wall regarding an upcoming on-line discussion.
    I have put an update on my request, and said I would post what the first evolutionist to respond had to say, and my response. I am feeling good about how this has started, with the first four responders being creationists, and now with this first evolutionist and having a good response for him. See his words below, and my response. I hope those on CF will find this informative.

    The introduction is not only lengthy, but composed of hypothetical analogy. Creation would go nowhere in a logical discussion if the "have faith" foundation assumption is deleted. If the flawed "have faith" is allowed, either side can invoke the "have faith" foundation as initiating fact. "Have faith" can lead to any conclusion on either side. The second fall back position of creation theory acknowledges complexity, with the supposition hypothetical answer, "God" is superstitiously offered. Tentatively accepting superstition as an acceptable answer, then creationists must similarly address the superstition covering the creator of God. No computer could resolve a circuitous problem. As to evolution, it does not use superstition. But there are theories on the connectivity of proof. But that connectivity is marginalised daily. The geno typing of all species now links man and a specific chimpanzie at 98.3% similar. The 1.7% difference is mainly in the way the brains are wired. This is unrefutable fact, not superstition. The only thing correct in the writing is that when minds are propagandized with superstition as fact at an early age, no matter the accuracy of fact, mindsets will not change. Accepting current factual information, only an agnostic can claim being 100% accurate! But the odds for correctness are significantly weighted with the evolonists.
    Greg Merrill
    , Cimarron Gowan·6m ago
    Without getting into specifics yet, I want to respond to the three things you mention, and I want to thank you, Tom, for your input here. First "faith". Biblically speaking there is no such thing as "Blind Faith" just believing because you want to believe, and without any proof. The Bible doesn't teach that. Biblical faith is always based on facts, the facts of what God has already given in the past regarding Himself, His character, what He has said, what He has done, and all of these things He has allowed us to observe in the world and history. Much detail could be given, but not now. God. I don't know whether you are an atheist or an agnostic, or what, Tom, but let me say this. God is neither hypothetical or superstition. I don't take the existence of God by blind faith, neither do I use the often words put forth by many spiritual leaders or Bible scholars that "neither evolution or creation can be proved, but must be taken by faith, just as we take the existence of God by faith." I have heard that a lot, and that is not what the Bible teaches either. In a nutshell, the existence of God can be proved by evidence. Much detail could be given, but not now. Third, the 98.3% similarity of chimpanzees and humans. I have much information on this. This is not new to me, and is no problem to explain in such a way as to show man is totally different than monkeys and chimpanzees, and we are not to find any difficulty as Christians with this 98.3% argument. I will give a separate post in the future in this thread to cover that argument. I don't want to dominate the conversation so will stop here for now and hope for Stefanie to join us soon, as well as others. Thanks again, Tom.


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  1. Halbhh
    God may have used evolution, or not, and either way is His doing.

    Therefore, let us not preach evolution nor preach anti-evolution, lest we trip up some person trying to find God.

    But let us preach salvation through Christ as our gospel.

    Let us be humble, and modest, and not arrogant.

    Let us trust God to have done things more amazing than we know of, and be cautious not to claim God must of done this, and not that. If we insist on telling everyone our theory, let us honestly say "this is my viewpoint", and not accidentally make it sound like our own view controls God.
  2. Occams Barber
    Despite my atheistic inclinations I've tried to look at both arguments objectively. My conclusion is that both of you have mixed up two arguments. The existence (or not) of God is one issue; evolution is another. Many Christian faiths accept evolution as a scientific reality. Atheism and evolution are not co-dependent.

    Neither of you has offered any real tangible argument and both presentations are a bit all over the place. Separating the two topics (i.e. God and evolution) and developing a more logical approach to the discussion would be a good start.
    PS(edit) Breaking the wall-of-text into logical paragraphs would help a lot and make it more readable.
    1. Greg Merrill
      You are right about the readability. I was sharing just a snippet of a different thread, for those here on CF that are praying for me to get an idea of what is going on. I wasn't really trying to conduct the discussion here on CF. I am sorry you have such atheistic and evolutionary inclinations. I am so content with the abundance of evidence for the existence of God, and for the fact that none exists for evolution.
    2. Greg Merrill
      Of course you and I are not of the same understanding, nor can you have much hope of an eternal future, where I am certain of it. Father, I pray that you will use what it takes to bring this one to a clear understanding of the truth, with a proper response to that, and contentment resulting from it. Amen.