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President Donald Trump In A Place Full Of Quiet People (dream)

By Job3315 · Jan 7, 2021 · ·
  1. I am placing this so the Bride of Christ question what is really happening. This is what the Lord showed me before the riots in the Capitol on January 6, 2020. I've never been a fan of Donald Trump, but I do honor and respect God's will to have him as President.

    My God given assignment is to publish these dreams. I am not responsible for the wrong use of these dreams by interpreters. I do not affiliate with any interpreter. The reason I publish my dreams here is so anyone can track the dreams to the original source and validate their authenticity. I only serve the Lord Jesus Christ.

    January 6, 2020
    I was in a place that looked like a church or a governmental office; It felt official. I was on the first row, and the seats looked like wood pews with cushion. I was on the first row and suddenly President Donald Trump was there to my right. He was talking to me but I don’t know about what. I had my ipad or a piece of paper and I was showing him something on it and he was looking at it. He was very attentive. I didn’t feel he was being fake, he was genuinely interested in what I was talking to him about. Then he stood up and he shook my hand. I was nervous or maybe exited because I had just met the President of the United States. I told him or thought about telling him, “May God and his Mercy Angels be with you” as I shook his hand. He left and then I regretted not taking a picture with him. I sat and he sat on a pew on the right across my pew. He sat and waited as when you sit and wait for a church service to start. The whole room was full of people, but everyone was quiet. Then, I saw some people dressed in black, but they looked like secret service agents or official law enforcement. They were wearing black glasses. They were placing/hanging some big black speakers on the wall. The wall wasn’t far from me, maybe 5-6 feet away, so I was on the first pew looking at them hanging those speakers on the wall. I also saw one of the agents with a jar of pickles. It was a big jar and he had tongs and pulled one pickle out and squeezed it and it smashed. The pickles were pale green inside a big jar filled with liquid (I guess vinegar). I looked back and realized I was on a special place for the media. It was a big round area and then public was behind that area. No one else was with me, I was there by myself in that area. I found it odd that no other reporters were there. I was thinking I was going to need a plug for my equipment, but I don’t know what equipment I had. I noticed there were 3 electrical outlets of 2 plugs each so I thought if other people came into that area I could have space for a plug and they too. I then questioned why I was by myself in that area and why it was empty and if I was in the right place to be. I woke up.


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  1. Chi.C
    The vengeance of God - He uplifts the enemies of His enemy and whispers in their ear. Then lets things ride. Donald Trump is one such weapon of vengeance I believe. In one presidential cycle he exposed all the hypocrisies of the elite, made the mainstream media into a blubbering orifice of lies, exposed the Marxist agenda sweeping through America and was the point man in the culture wars. The choice of this arrogant, proud and loud man who listens to no man is a perfect choice as weapon against the ungodly.
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  2. Job3315
    January 6, 2021*