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Plagiarizing The Past

By timothyu · Oct 21, 2019 · Updated Oct 21, 2019 ·
  1. Carnal thinking can cause not only Christians, but Christianity to be mislead into following, not what is supposed to be the new ways of the spirit, but ways designed to keep even Christianity worldly. It seems to me nothing man touches can end up being free of contamination of our old inherent ways. Consider that the world has taught us to think in it's image since the day we were born. We have been trained to understand God according to our limited comprehension, rather than of the spirit, thus often making God over in our own image rather than changing ourselves to suit His. We see God through our fleshy eyes rather than see ourselves through His.

    Therefore, if we continue to build institutions based on the same patterns of the old and traditional institutions, how can they then as a result, become not of this world? Can one see the Kingdom while comprehending only the ways of man? Of what use is an institution that mirrors all institutions that have gone before it, the same ones used to build man's self serving governments? Can a culture of the Kingdom which counters ours, be represented by using the culture the Kingdom is counter too? Can it be trusted to honestly teach that which convicts itself, or must we rely only on scripture to by-pass human self interest?

    © ...timothyu


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