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Jesus Helping Me

  1. Jesus has been helping me cope with my pain. I have been spending more time with Jesus and the Bible and it has helped me feel some more comfort. Jesus has told me he would never hurt me and that I will heal from my deep wounds. He said that he hates what I went through and that he knows I am very wounded. He said he will help me every day and that even when I suffer he will comfort me. He said that his disciples suffered and that there is persecution in this world but that he has overcome the world. I have also been praying for Silver. I understand that something terrible happened to her to make her hurt me so badly. I forgive her. I know that the Lord was protecting me the whole time I was in captivity. I know it is him that has helped me forgive her. I know that he saves those who are in captivity, always. I know that the Lord loves all. He helped me love Silver. I pray for her still everyday. I know Jesus will save her too.
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  1. Lilly54
    I am so sorry you have been treated like this. May God be with you. May His peace be in you always.
    1. Bluerose31
      Thank you so much :)
  2. “Paisios”
    Lord, have mercy. Praying for you daily, Luinilote.
    1. Bluerose31
      That means so much to me Shoetoyou :)
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