Janet Rip

By Mark Dohle · Sep 20, 2020 ·
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    Janet RIP

    Janet lived for 82 years,
    of those decades I knew her for three,
    long years it sounds like,
    yet now that she is gone,
    it seems like a flash in the pan.

    Lots of memories of her laugh,
    as well as her many anxious concerns,
    most of which never came true.

    Also her easy smile,
    and how she never let go of hope.
    She was deeply wounded,
    and yes she did hurt others,
    perhaps a legacy we all share,
    but not cruel by intent.

    Within her world, she learned to
    love what she had, and had very
    high standards on what she liked.
    She loved Chinese dumplings,
    happy family entrée, and sweet
    and sour soup.

    Burger King whoopers with everything,
    Fried fish, and french fries, potato chips,
    and pasta. Barbecue from Sonny's, and yes,
    cinnamon rolls from Publix.

    She loved to talk on the phone,
    because she was lonely,
    but found solace in her friends.

    Her family was alienated from her,
    for she did have her own brand of problems,
    that made her perhaps a little more
    self-centered than most.
    Yet pain does that,
    like stubbing your toe,
    all else fades into the background,
    and the center of the Universe is the pain,
    perhaps causing one to lash out.

    Yet she did love others,
    her family, and showed appreciation
    for all that was done for her.
    All in all, I will miss her,
    pray for her,
    and one day,
    to be able to embrace her,
    is my prayer.
    Safe journey dear friend.—Br.MD

    About Author

    Mark Dohle
    I am 70 years old, and live near Atlanta, Ga.


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