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Interesting Facts #49

By The-Doctor · Jul 25, 2019 ·
  1. Rutger Hauer

    With the announcement of his death we celebrate his life as an iconic actor

    Born on 23rd January 1944 as Rutger Oelsen Hauer in The Netherlands to parents who were both actors he served in the Dutch navy before becoming an actor.

    Speaks fluent German

    Is color blind

    Did all his own stunts in The Hitcher.

    Did a series of Guinness commercials in the 80s and 90s but actually hated the drink and would spit it out between takes.

    Was considered for some well known roles which went to other actors

    The captain in Das Boot but turned it down to play his most well known role Roy Batty in Blade runner
    Was first choice for Robocop, considered for the part of Martin Riggs in Lethal weapon. Was considered for the villain in LadyHawke before becoming the main character.

    Appeared in several vampire themed films and shows, Buffy the vampire Slayer the film, salems lot and the lead in Dracula 3 the legacy. He also appeared in true Blood as a fairy.

    Spent time learning how to walk as a blind person and sword play in preparation for his part in "Blind Fury" which was based on the film Zatoichi challenged

    Rutger nearly gave up acting following his work on Flesh and Blood in 1984 with fellow Dutchman Paul Verhoeven directing. The arguments between them on set got so heated the crew wanted them to argue in english so they knew what was going on. Appeared with actor Brion James whom he'd worked alongside in Blade Runner. Also appeared with Jennifer Jason Leigh whom he worked with on The Hitcher. Despite a budget of $6.5 million dollars the film barely made $100,000 back.

    On Blade Runner, Rutger contributed to the look of his own character and ad libbed the now famous "all these moments..." line which later became the title of his autobiography "all these moments, heroes, replicants and blade runner". The author of the book on which Blade Runner is based Phillip K Dick liked his interpretation of Roy. The character of Roy Batty was born on January 8th 2016, his character would have lived till 2020. the book was set in 1992 but the film is set in 2019. Rutger never met the director prior to turning up on set. He considers this his favorite film he appears in. The dove he holds in the last scene did not fly off when he released it and merely hopped out of his hand and walked away. The flying scene was added later. Despite being a commercial failure on release Blade Runner went on to be a cult success in later years. He played the Character Dr voight-Kampf based on the replicant detection test in the film used by blade runners in a music video.

    Rutgers last film part was as the Ghost of Christmas future in a to mini series of A Christmas Carol.

    Appeared in a Kylie Minogue video in 2012

    Has done voice work for Lurpak butter and a character in kingdom hearts 3 video game.

    Was married and divorced twice

    Died 19th July 2019 leaving two sons. R I P Rutger Hauer.


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