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Interesting Facts #47

By The-Doctor · Jun 6, 2019 ·
  1. About queues and queueing

    There is a queueing theory used in telecommunications and computer programming.

    The term reneging means customers who leave a queue having waited too long
    Balking means customers who won't join a queue they think is too long and jockeying is used to describe customers who will move between queues if they think they will get served faster.

    Faffing describes the period of time it takes the last customer to be served to leave so the next can be served and the average period of faffing in supermarkets is about 4 seconds.

    Queue times are calculated using john Littles law which says the average queue time is equal to the number of people in the queue already divided by the rate of arrival of new customers to the queue.

    The term to queue is a relatively new one and there are different ways of describing it depending where you live. In the US the term can be either "to stand in line" or " to stand on the line" where as in the uk it is simply "to queue" . There has been a description of people joining "the tail" that came from a shop out into the street.

    Looking at the length of queues in the U.K. The BBC programme watchdog, a consumer rights programme tested how long it took to get through to a person in the call centres of various we'll know companies. The shortest was Vodafone with 50 seconds and the longest wait was 30 minutes for British Telecom and Sky.

    Anything more than a 10 percent drop out rate of customers waiting to get through to a call centre is considered unacceptable.

    To ride the flying Peter Pan ride at Disneyland an average customer would have to wait in line for about 3 hours at the busiest periods.

    Women will queue longer than men.

    On average the longer you wait in a queue the more like.y it is that you will feel you have been there longer than you actually have. It's estimated that waiting any longer than 5 minutes in line will cause you to believe you have actually waited by at least 23 percent more.

    Customers will on average wait just 6 minutes in a phone queue but are willing to wait at least 10 in a supermarket queue.

    In Poland there is a board game called "queue" invented in 2011, the aim of which is to complete a shopping list before the other players by queuing at shops. There were bonus cards in the game that allowed players to skip the queue for example "mother with young child" could move up a queue faster.

    In the 1980s an experiment tested how much people would react to queue jumpers by asking the participants to deliberately jump ahead of a queue without reason. Interestingly they were only ever challenged by those in the queue about 50 percent of the time. However those asked to queue jump found doing so, even for science, made them very anxious and uncomfortable.

    It is more efficient to have a 3 servers for a single queue rather than 3servers for three queues.

    The English word queue is the only one in the language that sounds the same if you remove the last four letters.

    There is still some debate whether the correct spelling is queueing or queuing.


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