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I Am Denied A Conversation With Mr. O

  1. I just tried to start a conversation with Mr. O, a prolific writer here on CF, and got an error message saying I wasn't allowed to do that. Don't know why, but CF has it's rules and procedures and standards. Anyway, I thought I would post my intended message here as
    a tribute to Mr. O, and write an encouragement for others to read his writings, and possibly
    become his followers.

    Mr. O,
    How is it that you are such a prolific writer? The writings I have found to be excellent.
    I would like to hear a little about you personally, specifically, that brings this production.
    Do you have a goal to write so much a day? Do you read so much, that you determine
    to share what the reading stimulates you to think about? Do you want to leave/share
    these good writings while you have time, as a sort of legacy? What you are doing is
    good. I just want to know the details behind it, if you don't mind. I trust many are and
    will greatly benefit as your readers. Greg Merrill
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  1. Dave G.
    He might just need to clear his inbox. I've had this happen in other secular forums and we jsut post within the forum " so in so dump your mail so I can message you" or some such thing.
    1. Ragamuffin7
      I can imagine the O box is nearly always full