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I Am Denied A Conversation With Mr. O

  1. I just tried to start a conversation with Mr. O, a prolific writer here on CF, and got an error message saying I wasn't allowed to do that. Don't know why, but CF has it's rules and procedures and standards. Anyway, I thought I would post my intended message here as
    a tribute to Mr. O, and write an encouragement for others to read his writings, and possibly
    become his followers.

    Mr. O,
    How is it that you are such a prolific writer? The writings I have found to be excellent.
    I would like to hear a little about you personally, specifically, that brings this production.
    Do you have a goal to write so much a day? Do you read so much, that you determine
    to share what the reading stimulates you to think about? Do you want to leave/share
    these good writings while you have time, as a sort of legacy? What you are doing is
    good. I just want to know the details behind it, if you don't mind. I trust many are and
    will greatly benefit as your readers. Greg Merrill


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  1. Pilgrim
    Thank you Greg. I appreciate your encouragement. I am not worthy. Blogging is my way to fellowship online with other Christians and, above all else, to glorify God. I am prayerful that visitors or unbelievers at Christian Forums might stumble upon a verse, a picture verse, or a song, and answer the call of the Holy Spirit. If I miss the mark please be merciful on me. I adjusted the "Privacy Settings" so conversations should work now. God bless you. All Glory To God.

    All Glory To God By Kathy Troccoli
  2. Dave G.
    He might just need to clear his inbox. I've had this happen in other secular forums and we jsut post within the forum " so in so dump your mail so I can message you" or some such thing.
    1. Ragamuffin7
      I can imagine the O box is nearly always full
      Mr. O likes this.