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This is a bit off topic but there seems to be a shift in Christianity as of late.

If Jesus is an archangel as many claim in this growing thought trend, then this all becomes about the battle between archangels and all about that war in Heaven we've heard about that started long before our creation, about powers and principalities rather than about us. A story about which superpower and team gets to rule over the world, the freelancers or God's personal rep.

I suppose our salvation as a creation of God is still at stake, at least from our viewpoint, but under these circumstances a minuscule part of a much bigger game it would seem. Seems like there was a powershift some 2000 years ago yes, but no coronation as of yet. So according to the ever increasing archangel fanbase, we have mistakenly believed all along it was just about us, when according to the elohim (angel) aspect, it has been about elohim overseeing creation all along and fighting to see which side rules the roost? It is their story and we are bit players. Does that make Christianity, the religion as we know it, moot? Perhaps we just need to also acknowledge it's been about something bigger than us all along as we carry on within our little pocket of creation.

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