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Here I Am

  1. Here I am, bringing my requests before You,
    Believing You that You will answer.
    For, there are many burdens on my heart
    That I must now lay at Your feet.

    Oh, how I long to see my loved ones saved from their sins,
    When they forsake their idols and turn to the Living Water,
    Which is the only thing which will ever satisfy
    The deep longings of their souls.

    How I pray for their hearts to be turned to You,
    And for them to give their lives over to You,
    For You to now be their Lord and Master,
    And for them to be in submission to You and to Your will.

    I pray that they will let go of their stubborn wills
    And their rebellious spirits, and their pious performances,
    And that they will be honest and sincere
    In their devotion to You, and not be hypocritical.

    I pray that they will confess to You their selfish motives,
    Their lies, their adulteries, their hypocrisies,
    And their bitterness of spirit which rages now within them,
    And which will not let them be at rest.

    I pray for wickedness to be put far from them,
    And that they would now walk according to the Spirit,
    And no longer according to the flesh
    To do what their evil consciences dictate they must do.

    I pray they will surrender their ALL to You,
    And that You would heal them,
    And cleanse them from their guilty consciences,
    And that You would purify their hearts within them.

    I pray now that they would walk with You in white,
    A pure bride, made right by the blood of the Lamb,
    And that they would no longer struggle with hate, revenge,
    Lies, deception, thievery, slander, and the like.

    I pray this all in the wonderful name of Jesus,
    Who gave his life up for us on that cross
    So that we, who believe on him, might be delivered
    From our slavery to sin and have eternal life with God.

    About Author

    My name is Sue Love, wife of Rick Love, mother of 4 (plus 4) and grandmother of 14. I have been a believer in Jesus for about 60 years, and a Bible teacher for about 50 years. The Lord called me to begin writing out what he teaches me from His Word nearly 15 years ago, and to do so daily 13 years ago. So, that is what I have been doing as my service to my Lord.


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