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Gracefully Broken

  1. While in prayer today, pleading with the Lord to give me power of my sin and to give me the ability to live a life pleasing to Him... I cried out to God about how broken of a person I really am, how I can't do anything without Him and Him changing me... how I am evil and can't do anything without Him giving me the power, and then all of a sudden my phone beeped, saying Matt Redman just came out with this song called ''gracefully broken.'' The title was so meaningful for me, being broken in front of the Lord can be a very beautiful thing. It's also a very beautiful song-

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  1. Emli
    Oh, the Lord is good! So wonderful!
    He moved me with music today as well, got me to cry in joy and I felt His love deep inside my heart. He always moves perfectly! :clap: Praise Him!
    Thank you for sharing this.
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    2. WilliamBo
      Yea thanks, yea the tricky part is going from being comfortable in darkness to being comfortable in His light. I am getting stronger daily I think, I just feel like I'm in birth pains until I am mature in Him
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    3. Emli
      Oh, I get it. I feel like I just broke through that barrier, although I probably have lots of ways to go. Jesus will get you there in due time. Just take one step at a time and He will make sure you move in the right direction.
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    4. WilliamBo
      That's awesome you broke that barrier, congratulations, Im happy for you. The joy of the Lord is our strength.
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