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Gothic Subcultures Part V

  1. 27. Glam Goth

    Goth probably owes just as much to the New Romantic and New Wave movements of the 80’s as it does to Punk for its origins. With its focus on dark clothing, heavy make-up, frilly dandyish clothing, and theatrics, it’s not difficult to see how goth could evolve from the New Romantics. Simply add ecclesiastical imagery like Crosses, Punk elements like studs, and leather into the mix, and you get Glam goth. As the name “Glam goth” hints, New Romantic is similar to the proceeding Glam rock scene of the 70’s (which also used flashy costumes, long hair, and make up). Indeed some artists, such as David Bowie, are considered both scenes. New Romantic and New Wave artists remain popular among goths and Glam rock.





    28. Casual Goth

    Pretty much what it says on the tin, this is goth at its least elaborate and least showy. Pretty much every goth will revert to this type if they are spending all day indoors, if they’re tried, or if they don’t want to be bothered. So, how you tell whether someone is goth if they’re not bedecked in Victorian funeral finery, or dark make up, or tonnes of silver jewelry? Even when dressing down goths do tend to stick to darker colors and certain aspects of their appearance (such as dark hair or tattoos) will be visible no matter what. But perhaps one of the most telling signs a band t-shirt, very often worn and faded, which is an instant indication that one may be goth at heart, at least in music taste. Speaking of bands, plenty of artists loved by goths tend to be pretty casual themselves. So, show up to a goth gig in jeans and t-shirt and you may be more mistaken for a band member than anyone else in the audience.

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  1. faroukfarouk
    Hi; @Heartofsilver so are you still into Goth style these days? & did you also see the live thread currently on tattoos and piercings that someone started? (I can put a link to your screen name...)
    1. Heartofsilver
      Ok, I guessing could check it out. :p
  2. faroukfarouk
    The top picture reminds me a bit of the band Stryper.
    1. Heartofsilver
      I think that I have heard of that band before.
  3. Heartofsilver
    Yes there is, I didn't know that there were so many sub-subcultures of goth. :D
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  4. faroukfarouk
    Interesting to see the varieties of Goth.
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