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God-given Courage

  1. My main fault is cowardice. Most of my sins are sins of omission; I don't dishonor God very much in what I do, but I all too often dishonor Him in what I don't do.

    This has made evangelization my worst spot in following Christ; I've been graced enough to be able to follow most of His commandments, but the part about making disciples has always been quite the challenge.

    Today, I had a great time of God-given courage, where I advertised my faith with a Vatican flag.

    I can't say this is a moment of courage, because it's been building up; I had to purchase the flags, I had to let God work in me in many other ways. And I even already put a Vatican flag in my upstairs window, feeling it necessary after hearing an incredible talk (link at bottom of post). But even though I've recently accepted the grace to evangelize by sticking things in my window, the part where I actually defend it with my spoken words is still a weak spot for me.

    There's a small window by the front door, where I knew I had to put a Vatican flag. But my roommates were downstairs, and would likely ask what I was doing--YIPE! Talking about my faith! AAAAA!!!!

    But, thanks be to God, I mustered up the courage to go put the flag downstairs --and I wasn't nervous! I was as I anticipated it, but after praying for God to come with me, and trusting that He would, I put the flag in the window--and no one asked me questions! It was timed just right, as if it was meant to be!

    I know there's a lot of details missing that make this story more coherent, but I wanted to share the good news, and along the way God will surely direct some of you fine readers to a greater spiritual strength.

    May God bless us all, & please watch this amazing talk!

    All In--Powerful Talk
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