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From The Depths Of Woe By Indelible Grace


  1. From The Depths of Woe by Indelible Grace

    The song, From the Depths of Woe by Indelible Grace, uses the words of Martin Luther’s Aus Tiefer Not Schrei ich zu Dir (From The Depths Of Woe I Cry), which is a hymn Luther wrote based on Psalms 130.

    Artist: Indelible Grace
    Featured artists: Andrew Osenga, Emily DeLoach
    Album: Joy Beyond the Sorrow: Indelible Grace VI
    Released: 2012
    Genre: Christian/gospel
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  1. brinny
    I'm speechless. That visual you have up there in the right top corner just so "fits" this rendition of Psalm 130 put to song. It fits "From the Depths of Woe." Praying that God uses this, what you posted, powerfully. This is how God sees us. And this is why He sent a Savior. Oh that all of us would "see" how He "sees" us. Father may it be so, in Jesus name, amen. God bless you Mr. O for using the gift that God has given you and that all that you do, points to the One Who gave you that gift. May the harvest be great, and workers rise up, plentifully, just as you pray that they will. God will surely grant it, as it is surely is His will.
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    1. Mr. O
      God bless you, Brinny. Thank you for the encouragement. You are a true Christian soldier. All praise, honor, and glory to God.