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False Prophet Dream

By Job3315 · Oct 14, 2020 ·
  1. September 20th, 2020

    I dreamt that I was in a known Dallas, Texas Church and I knew there was going to be a service with a known prophet. I am not sure if I saw a promotion on a screen or I was already at Church when I noticed she was going to present someone. I was then in a room, it was a large room, but it wasn’t the main sanctuary. I don’t recall seeing any windows. There were regular chairs, like the ones you can separate, not like the ones from the main sanctuary at the Church. There were many people, but like half the chairs were empty, people were scattered around sitting down. For the promotion that I saw I knew the prophet was going to be presenting this man who was a new prophet and he was going to prophesy. When I entered the room, I saw the man and he was young, white, tall, dark hair, attractive and had a green jacket on. It was green like the army, but he was not from the army, it was just a fashion green army jacket. He looked handsome. I was trying to see him well because he looked like Dani Martin (The old band member from El Canto del Loco (The Crazy’s Song), but I knew it wasn’t him, but I kept trying to pin point where I knew him from. The prophet entered the room and she had a microphone and I could sense she was proud (in a good way) of this guy. It was almost as if he was her baby. I could sense she was admiring him because he was charming. After a brief introduction, I thought he was going to start prophesying over her, but I said to myself, “if he prophesies over her, it’s going to be like a show because they know each other”. Suddenly I see him going to a man sitting in the front row. The man had something big and silver on my right (his left) It seemed like a space suit or a spaceship. It was silver and big but I wasn’t sure what it was. Then I looked closely and now I saw child’s piano that folded like a computer, but it was a kiddie piano and I could see the colored notes. I realized the man who was chosen was mentally retarded or very immature. He didn’t even know what was going on. He looked confused. The man who was going to “prophesy” asked him to stand up, the man grabbed his kiddie piano and hold tight to his chest. The man “prophesying” said, “oh, leave it right there” pointing the chair next to him. He said something like, “You won’t be needing that. Although maybe later we might need some music” and he laughed and then the whole room laughed. The man with the piano still looked confused. The man prophesied over him. I don’t know what he said to him. I remember there was man a few chairs to his side. He was on a suit, but I am not sure if he was part of the team or the congregation. He looked surprised, but then I thought, this man is “prophesying” to a man who is incompetent (as in he can’t really tell you if is a good or bad prophecy). I thought it was absurd. As I was thinking that, the man “prophesying” moved to the right side of the room and he was “prophesying” over a man. He mentioned something about his knees hurting. The woman prophet seemed very impressed with his “baby” and I could sense she was really admiring him. I wanted to hear more about what the man was “prophesying” to the man because the man seemed moved and surprised he knew some personal details. But I had a sense whatever he said could be something generic like his knee hurting. I realized the man looked like Willie Tanner from Alf (Actor Max Wright). But I am not sure if he was in character. I remember his puffy thin white hair and he was wearing a black suit. He also acted like the character; he had a peculiar wobble. When the man finished “prophesying”, Willie (Wright) seemed “surprised” as if he was emotionally moved. I was thinking I wanted to hear more because so far what he said were general things and they didn’t move me. You can tell if a knee hurts by paying attention to the body language. I realized the session was over and I followed the man because I wanted to know if I could sense something or if I could figure out who he really was. I texted a friend and asked her, “are you watching the service?” and she sent me a thumbs down emoji. I kept walking near the man, looking at him closely. He seemed like he was protected like a celebrity. Then he no longer had a green jacket, but a silver gray suit and he was fixing his hair and straightening his suit like businessmen do. Then I saw two women. I remember one of them had a gray suit as well and skirt and high heels. She also had a portfolio in her hands, as if she was his manager. All 3 entered a bathroom, but I don’t know if it was a woman’s or a man’s bathroom. I asked myself, is his name Elias (Elijah)? As the woman entered the bathroom I asked myself what was the name of the woman in the gray suit and I felt her name was LaRue or Rue. I found it suspicious that he had entered a bathroom with two women. I wanted to know who that man was. I tried pinpointing his face I started looking online for news about him. At some point he looked like the actor Yannik Bisson. He played the character Detective William Murdoch from the TV series High Tide. As I was looking for information about him, I had a sense I was being watched and if I looked for repetitive information online the FBI was going to get suspicious. Then I realized the man had left the bathroom and left.

    Then I remember I was in the kitchen in my house in Texas. It was dark inside the house and I had a box of round cookies. I am not sure what flavor but they seemed like almond cookies. There were two left and a smaller piece. I was happy to see a smaller piece because I almost had 3. I was going to save one but then I realized there was a box within a box with a single cookie. I figured the company had made a mistake and packed a single cookie in a box and two boxes were sold together. I was happy because I had an extra cookie, but I didn’t want that much, so I decided to freeze that cookie and save it for another time. I heard someone on the tv or on YouTube saying something about freezing the cookie for the next year. Apparently, when you don’t eat a cookie now (like in this season) then you have to freeze it, wait all winter, and then eat it. I said to myself, “well, I guess I can always put it under fire to unfreeze it. Although I did think about saving one cookie and I even wrapped it up in a paper towel to freeze, I decided to burn it a little to see how it would turn out. The drawer where we keep the lighter was where the stove is and I got the lighter out and burnt a cookie but it crumbled fast and it rapidly became ashes. Then black smoke suddenly filled the kitchen and the ashes looked like when they are still hot that you can see some parts burning like when coal is still hot. When the black smoke filled the air, I knew my parents were asleep and I was worried the fire alarm will start beeping and I would wake them up suddenly, scaring them. I said out loud, “I’m sorry mom!” like I knew it was going to start beeping at any moment. I went to blow air at it, the alarm didn’t beep, but then someone yelled, “YELLOW!” fast and loud and I woke up startled.


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