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Creation V:2.0

By timothyu · Sep 10, 2019 · Updated Sep 10, 2019 ·
  1. When it came to the downfall of man, free will was never the issue. All forms of life make choices. Self awareness was the issue. Keep that thought in mind.

    There is talk of physically connecting man to computers. Cyborgs of information. The ability to open a book or even use a computerized device no longer good or fast enough. Step aside genetic modification. Reliance on technology to do what we can already do for ourselves. Loss of freedom in favour of total dependency on devices. Purposeful disabling of our own abilities in favour of prosthetics. The ultimate connection of all mankind to each other. Not just to information and each other, but unfortunately also to those who would lord over mankind. A connection with a shared database (of dubious truths) where there are no secrets, no privacy, but unlike with God, free will can be turned off with the click of a mouse or whatever. Another human step backwards in our so called evolution. A mating with technology just as spirit once joined with flesh. God at least gave us free will. Man has always sought to control.

    Will the link make for less awareness of ourselves? No. Will it give more awareness to the computer? No doubt. That is what happened when God put His spirit in man a long time back. Just as man did, the computer may end up seeing itself as something it is not.

    © ...timothyu


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