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Comparison Of The Easter Greeting

  1. This is the second of three blogs I am moving from one of my 5 Blog Categories to another.

    As I write, it is Easter morning, 2017. Many people will say today "Happy Easter." Many others, though less in comparison, will say "Happy Resurrection Day." What may come to mind with the first is thoughts of children hunting for Easter eggs, as well as family gatherings, Easter baskets filled with candy, and new Easter clothes. But how great of significance are all these things. "Easter" comes and goes, year after year. But then what should come to mind with the greeting "Happy Resurrection Day"? What can come to mind is another greeting. "He is Risen!" with the response "He is risen indeed!" What significance is there to this? THERE IS LIFE AFTER DEATH!!! There is existence, eternal existence for all after death. There is eternal life, unity with God for some; and eternal death, conscious separation from God forever. Do you see the significance. One (Easter) is insignificant in comparison to the other (Resurrection). "Happy Resurrection Day" is not just in recognition that Jesus has risen, but that you can have eternal life in glory with God because Jesus has risen. But to have that glory one must repent of their sins (change their mind about them from thinking they are not a major problem - to realizing they will damn you to hell forever unless something is done) and receive by faith Jesus Christ as one's Savior and Lord, trusting in Him for having paid for one's sin in one's place on the cross. It is easy to say "Happy Easter." One doesn't usually get any flack for that. But to say "Happy Resurrection Day"... that doesn't even roll off the tongue that easy, let alone come with no thought of even the casual Christian being uneasy with it, let alone the non-Christian. It wasn't easy for Jesus to hang on a cross, suspended by nails in his hands and feet, either. So may I write unto you ... "Happy Resurrection Day."


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