Breathe In Him, Move In Him

By Mark Dohle · Sep 2, 2020 ·
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    Breathe in Him, move in Him

    June 22— . . . “If you knew what the love of God is, it would be impossible for you not to abandon everything to Him and let yourself be lost in Him. You would not dream of not counting on Him in life and death. Even on earth, you prefer to love a superior person, don’t you? Aren’t you attracted by intelligence, warmth, kindness? Multiply by infinity all the gifts that you look for in those you love; God is more. For there are depths of tenderness in Me that you have never known. And this very God wants to possess you! . . . You, little nothing, loved by the all! “Don’t let your thoughts wander from Him. You are enfolded in His Presence. Breathe in Him, move in Him. Above all, don’t be afraid, for this would sadden Him. Your trust and joy honor Him. Expect Bossis, Gabrielle.

    He and I (Kindle Locations 1994-2000).
    Pauline Books and Media. Kindle Edition.

    In Christianity, God who is not a being, not created, other, in Himself unknowable, took on ‘form’, human form in order to give a small insight into who and what God is. To believe in a personal God, which is the central tenet of both Christianity and Judaism, as well as the Muslim faith has its difficulties.

    Once we reduce God into a ‘supreme-being’ in the universe, then God becomes just another object that no matter how different, can still be figured out in some way. I would think the ‘gods’ are an example of that. They are forces of nature, with a beginning and an end, because all things in the Universe will end, in fact, the Universe is finite and will end as well. Once we reduce “God” to a being, we can start making Him in our own image and likeness, instead of the other way around.

    I do believe that God does speak to us today in many ways. One way is through some ‘mystics’ who have been chosen to speak to each of us. It is for us these insights into the loving nature of God are presented in a more modern way, which is stated over and over again in the New Testament, as well as in what we call the Old Testament. Yet because we seek to understand God on our own terms, we gravitate to what we understand. Which is wrath, pain, fear, and punishment. We dole it out on one another in either a conscious, or an unconscious manner. So a ‘god’ of our own making, no matter the religion is often ‘us’ in a not so pretty form. Bigger, meaner, crueler, and yet we still say that this God of our own making, is a God of love.

    Too actually start to believe that God is more loving than we can comprehend is the first step in destroying the idols that I believe we all worship. As we age and grow in our understanding of God’s love for us, these idols fall to the ground and we trample them to dust, but another comes up, and over time it too is outgrown if we have the intention to seek to delve deeper into the mystery of God’s love as revealed in Jesus Christ.

    We do that by having a trusting loving relationship with that which is beyond being but revealed as love in Jesus Christ. The more we face our fears and take the next step, the idol that keeps us fearful loses power and the fire of the Holy Spirit begins to heal us all at deeper levels.

    All ‘being’ is before God. Each human being is seen by God in their totality, in ways that we cannot comprehend. We are loved and embraced by the Infinite, that if we had any idea or experience of it, we would die of joy.

    Only God can judge, man’s judgments seldom lead to justice, for justice and mercy our one with God. That is why we should not judge the interiority of another soul, made in the image and likeness of God. To hate another human being, to truly hate, I am not talking about emotions, but a state of being that feeds off hate, is death to the soul. A soul without love, a chosen path at some point, barely exist but only reacts.

    God is revealed as love. A passionate love, willing to die for each of us, for we are each God’s beloved. We have to begin by loving ourselves in Christ, or in God. We have to embrace who we are so that we can see it in others as well. We have to be willing to allow the Holy Spirit to burn away all that keeps us from becoming ‘living flames of love’. We are all called to become mystics, holy, filled with the fire of God’s love for all.

    Fire burns, it is painful to allow the healing to continue for we have to let go of many ideas of God that only lead to despair and fear. As Jesus said, “Fear is useless, what is needed is Trust” (Luke: 8:50) –Br.MD

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