Book Of Revelation = 70th Week Of Daniel (update)

This updated table is much more comprehensive than the first one I made after conversing with a fellow sister by the name of Vaish who has pointed out the importance of the 2,300 Days, and pointed out the connection between the 70th Week and the 3 Stages of Pregnancy as spoken by Christ in Matthew 24. In the first table I initially thought that the 6th Bowl and 6th Trumpet should blow exactly at the opening of the 6th Seal, but I found that the narrative of Revelation rather showed the 7 Bowls & the 7 Trumpets to fire off Iike a sem-automatic machine gun of sorts. In any case you will see that the events line up accurately.


Aside from this I added a chart which covers the first 7 Years of the Millenial Reign of Christ as the deal with the war of Ezekiel 39:9-29 and the 7 Months for cleansing the land.


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