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Modern-day Luther

quintessentialramble, Dec 11, 2019 | |
  1. Blog Description

    Getting back into blogging---sidenote: previous posts may have very different beliefs theology than current date. Happy reading :)

    these are simply my devotionals and my thoughts on them, interpreting them as best as possible.
    My hope is to encourage discussion about the interpretation and application of passages, particularly those O.T. passages that may be confusing.

    Why Modern-Day Luther: My story, like Luther, all began with a Thunderstorm that changed my life forever.

    About Author

    My journey started, like Luther, with a thunderstorm.
    One day, I asked God (in vain) why I was so confused after a girl broke up with me. That day, a thunderstorm knocked our power out, and at 2am, the power came back on, but only one channel worked--Religion & Ethics Newsweekly--it talked about Catholicism and Christianity--and from there I began reading the Word--and God granted me repentance and salvation through faith in Jesus Christ's crucifixion and resurrection.