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Become Complete

By Ahila Wilson · May 9, 2019 ·
  1. Paul’s second letter to the Corinthians is captivatingly filled with deliberations, passion, emotions, joy and tears. It also ends with a fascinating benediction. In its end, this two-word phrase that caught my attention. He says “Become complete” (2 Corinthians 13:11). In another version it says “be made complete.” This Greek word “katartizó” means perfected to fulfill a destination, bring it to proper condition, to be repaired.

    I am really not sure what was in Paul’s mind as he exhorted Corinthians to “become complete” yet it seems we are all, Christians on this daunting task to become perfect. Perfect physically, spiritually, emotionally. Perfect so we will reach that wonderous destiny predestined for us. Fully repaired in our soul, mind, and body to overcome our depravity that traps us within ourselves.

    So, my sister,

    Put behind that perfection definite by the beauty magazine,

    Abandon the twisted perfection that was fed into to your mind, may it even be from a well intentional friend, family, even your spouse,

    Altogether destroy from your mind the deviated perfection that devil holds in his hand to lure you to busyness.

    And, raise to “be made complete” by the one WHO can complete you. Hear the same Paul giving the key to this riddle, he says somewhere else, “when you have Christ, you are complete.” ( Colossians 2:10).

    If you don’t have Christ, reach out to Him, He is near. If, you do have Him, walk like you know you are complete.

    Complete to fulfill your call.

    Repaired every time you fall.

    Perfect as you are covered with the perfection of THE PERFECT One.

    So tonight, allow me to remind you this truth,

    No matter how broken your body feels,

    No matter how dire your situation seems,

    No matter how miserably your relationship failed,

    No matter how helplessly your addictions snares,

    No matter how scared and fear filled your days appear,

    No matter how lonely and depressing your night grows,

    There is this truth, do you have Christ? then you are complete!

    Complete to do everything you ought to, complete to reach where you have to, truly dear, complete in everything you are made to…

    About Author

    Ahila Wilson
    Ahila's life is a long story of her search for her Creator God, and His amazing revelation of Himself to her. Her life itself is a beautiful unfolding of His pursuit, grace, and unfailing love for her. Her passion is to write about her Creator and Savior God. She loves looking for His beautiful expressions of love in her everyday tasks. She shares her biblical insights @https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwdrBvyXYqrT78uVzBWNdCg


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