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Be Boundless

  1. [​IMG]
    Be Boundless

    Limitless – without limit – unlimited – unbounded – untold – bottomless – immeasurable – incalculable – abundant – abounding – great – unending – inexhaustible – infinite – undying – unfailing – unfading – unceasing – ceaseless – everlasting

    These are a few words I would choose to attempt to describe our God. His glory, His mercy, His grace, His love for us is truly all of these things, but what if our relationship with Him could be described by these same words? When we accept Jesus as our Savior and are lead by His Holy Spirit, we have become heirs with Him. Jesus said we become one with Him and since He is one with the Father, we also are one with the Father through Him. What an amazing description of our relationship to our Heavenly Father. For as long as I can remember, I knew about God. I grew up in the church, so I did know who He was from what I had been taught, but as I began to seek Him, I realized I didn’t truly know much about Him at all.

    Other than Sunday mass, I didn’t know much about any interaction with God or if that was even possible. It’s not really something I remember being shown how to do. I mean, as a young child, I honestly never really thought about it or considered doing so. Once I started getting older and things started getting more complicated in life, I didn’t really know where to turn or how to ask for help. Prayer always seemed like such a formal thing–something we were taught to memorize and recite. It seemed so impersonal and frankly did not express how I truly felt in my heart in my darkest moments. When my heart was aching and filled with hurt and depression, those memorized words seemed to have no meaning as I would simply repeat line for line what I was taught to say. Then one day, I began to speak from my heart and everything changed.

    A relationship with God will effect how you live your daily life and change how you view church, religion, and God. You will see that God is in the everyday details of your life. You begin to think about Him and see Him in the little things of your life. The Holy Spirit is meant to be your helper everyday in every aspect of your daily walk. Trying to deal with the stresses and temptations of this world we live in without His help is futile and dangerous. We were never meant to walk the Christian walk alone. Along with the help of the Holy Spirit, we as brothers and sisters in the family of God are meant to support and strengthen one another. This is what Jesus refers to as His church.

    Like most people, I always thought church was a building where we’d go for Sunday morning mass. The building is named a church, but this is not the same thing as Jesus’ vision of what His church would be. His church can not be contained within a building. We as believers and followers of Christ are His church. We are His hands and feet upon this earth. As he sends us out to make disciples and to spread the Gospel, we are a living breathing church that is meant to spread and reach all the world for Him.

    Jesus did not only pay our sin debt in full, but He also tore down the boundaries separating us from God. Relationship is accepting Jesus’ invitation to walk through the torn veil to abide in the presence of our Father. We were made clean, righteous to come before our loving Father. He wants and seeks a personal relationship with you! If he loved you enough to send His only begotten son to die for you on the cross, why wouldn’t He want a more personal relationship than just Sunday mass?

    Breaking free from the formalities and traditions of a religion-based church was truly freeing for me. Nothing compares to getting to know God personally and inviting Him into all areas of your life. As I dug deeper into the Word for myself, I began to see how many of the traditions of the church just distract us from God’s ultimate plan for us, which is a relationship with Him through Jesus Christ. Religious traditions lean back towards the law, but we as members of Christ’s church should lean towards His love and focus on obedience to Him. I invite you to experience God’s true love for you and open the Bible for yourself. Only when you start seeking Him personally will you taste and see how truly boundless He is. Thanks for reading and keep faith.


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  1. HenSoma-OneBody
    Thank you for sharing, I pray the Lord will continue to draw you into a deeper relationship with Him.
    1. SouthernBlessedOne
      Thank you for taking the time to read it and your prayers are much appreciated my brother!
      HenSoma-OneBody likes this.