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PARASHAH: “Tzav” (command) Offerings/Sacrifices point to Yeshua (part 2) LEVITICUS 6:8-8:36………. JEREMIAH 7:21-8:3………MARK 13:1-37 Last week we studied Parasha “Vayikra” (and he called) and this week, we read Parashat “Tzav” (command). We are studying the same offerings, yet the...
A QUICK MIDRASH ON THE BOOK OF ESTHER, SINCE PURIM IS UPON US. A long time ago, in a palace called Sushan, in the kingdom of Persia, there was a king named Ahasuerus who had just a little too much to drink, he called for his wife and he called for more wine, and the wine he got but the...
SYMBOLISM IN THE “SERPENT” (Num 21:6; John 3:14) When we read about “The Serpent” in the Torah/Bible, we are reminded of Satan. “The Devil is the Serpent.” 99% of the time, it DOES symbolize “HaSatan.” But what about the other 1%. If it isn’t HaSatan, then, who can it be? Are you...