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Aliens To The Kingdom

By timothyu · May 16, 2019 ·
  1. There is a failure in Christianity, at least in the public Christianity we see aligned with the governments and institutions of mankind since Constantine.

    There is not enough emphasis on how Jesus' teachings apply to daily life and how His Kingdom to come relates to an inevitable end of worldly domination of mankind using an anti-Christ system.

    Instead we have those trying to reverse engineer God, trying to see what makes Him tick. We have those more concerned about their own salvation than the Kingdom to come. That in turn distracts from the well documented and predicted end of days. An end that is rapidly unfolding in front of us as was never before possible... which of course is all part of the gospel of the Kingdom.

    Instead we have powers and principalities of this world of man being blessed by those of the very faith that should know better. Aware, had they had learned the Kingdom was anti-worldly in nature (worldly being built on the ideals of mankind rather than God, even if they claim otherwise).

    Pointing fingers at other faiths or towards various popular sins of the day, has distracted followers from their intended path of proclaiming a different world to that of mankind's making, the very commission Jesus had tasked us with.

    It seems to me that the meaning of anti-Christ has been lost to those too wrapped up in the ways of mankind and in themselves to notice the contrast between their ways and the Kingdom of God.

    Perhaps that is the whole point. A logical result when we try and have it both ways.

    © ...timothyu


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