Aiming for what is in sight

While the sun came up again, and all were thinking of coming to a place where they could stop, eat a little from their rations, and sleep enough after all that walking through the night, they could see some small difference in the area through which they currently went. The ground was a different texture than the sandy area they had traveled through, and small areas here and there had tufts of dried brown grass. And further ahead, there were very small areas of small tufts of green grass. Further on they were growing more closely together, until they blended into the green area seen further on. There was a very distant treeline seen. And very far away what seemed to be white mountains were just in view with the sun now just up. So they plodded on encouraged.

Deseradar said soon, "There is a creek I can discern further ahead, we can go on to reach that."

Hillariah said, "We would still want to make temporary shelters for ourselves where we could sleep enough while we can." The others agreed to that.

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