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A World Map Will No Longer Be Useful And New Planet Coming

By Job3315 · Oct 11, 2020 ·
  1. Saturday, February 4th, 2012

    Last night I asked God to communicate with me in my dreams. I had a very strange dream where I was in another country. The people looked like they were from Turkey, the Middle East. I was with someone because I felt a presence near me. I don't remember if it was my niece. I entered some offices on a higher floor that looked like old government offices, they were brown military color. Since no one was at the front desk, I entered a hallway behind a door. There were some offices to my right. I was looking for a guide (a person) because I was going to watch some sort of documentary (like when you are on vacation and you watch a documentary of the history of the place you are visiting). I entered an office to my right. There was a man gathering some papers; he seemed like he was in a hurry. He was behind a desk. He got close to me and handed me an old map, but it had colors. It was big, like the ones on the school walls. I remember seeing the blue of the sea in the map, it was a world map (I know it as “mapa mundi”). The man looked like a military man, he had military brown clothes, he squeezed the map as he was rolling it and handed it to me. He gave me many thick brochures and said: "This is no longer useful." Referring to the map and the brochures (like the information in it was not useful anymore). He left in a hurry. I didn’t see anyone else in the offices. Then I see myself going down some escape stairs, but they were in the open, on the outside of the building. Then I see myself in front of the building and there are some stairs like in the Capitol of Puerto Rico. They were made of white marble. I remember seeing a woman I know named Surlane looking for her daughter. She was sitting on the back of a black car. She was pregnant. I don't know who was driving the car. I looked at the sky, I know there were more people looking at the sky, too. I could see a lunar eclipse. Then I see that behind the moon comes a beautiful planet. At first it came out, but then it hid behind the moon. Then it came out completely. The planet was blue, white and red in color. His colors were spectacular, high definition colors. Then I see the planet approaching Earth and it passes in front of me closer than how a plane would pass. There were a few smaller white spaceships/rocks/asteroids that followed the planet. Then I remember that was on the roof of a building and I see bricks of ice the size of cars falling like rain. They were falling on top of cars and houses, just everywhere. I saw a man who told another man to follow him to hide inside a building/house. When one of the men opened the door, a raindrop, the size of a foot and a half, fell on his shoulder. I woke up.


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