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A Misguided, Out Of Control Prayer

  1. Seeing and hearing a recorded prayer on this site regarding bullying, responding to it, and both
    fearing my response may be deleted, and also wanting others to see my response, I copy it to this blog.
    Father, after listening to the recording of the prayer above, THIS IS ONE OF THE WORST PRAYERS I HAVE EVER HEARD. It SOUNDS so religious, using phrases like "In Jesus name" as if that truly gives it authority, yet this prayer is highly dangerous and very, very deceptive setting up people for frustration and spiritual defeat. This is not a prayer God would approve, but just the contrary. It is filled with baseless declarations that are neither supported by Scripture and probably the ones being prayed for. It begins with "agreement of believers" based on the popular misconception and misinterpretation of Mt 18:20 being taken out of context. Presumption, rather than faith, abound in this prayer. It is obviously based on a person's "charismatic" background, and includes the non-Biblical declaration of "binding spirits"
    and the assumption that we can use the "name it and claim it" false teachings. Not only does it wrongfully take the teaching of the blood of the Passover as a means of physical protection, this prayer includes praying to angels!!! Just contrary to what the Bible teaches. It declares people will see "large angels". This is just one of many false teachings of this prayer. This sounds more like a "magical prayer" dressed up in Biblical garb, foisted upon this website by Satan appearing as an angel of light, than a sound Biblical prayer by a Christians that is ground and rooted in the Word of God. I feel strongly that this recorded prayer should be deleted from this site, and pray that You will lead to that happening Lord. Praying for those that are bullied, as well as those that bully (which this prayer doesn't mention), is one thing, but to do it with such a prayer that is so off Scripturally is counter productive. Father, I pray that You intervene. Amen.
    Use the following URL to find the video "Pray for Bullying" among other posts.


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  1. Greg Merrill
    As I thought, my post on the original thread was quickly deleted. So sad that such an erroneous prayer is allowed on this site, and my pointing it out on that thread is deleted. At least it is here. Below is the URL that one can use to then locate the video "Prayer for Bullying" that I highly object to. I don't object to praying against bullying but not in the erroneous way this prayer suggests.