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4. God`s Eternal Purpose. Man, The Unworthy Ruler.

  1. Man, the Unworthy Ruler.

    Creation of Man.

    God created man and gave him dominion over the earth. Although man walked with God he was vulnerable, having freedom of will. Then when tempted, man chose to believe the lie of the enemy and came under the sway of Satan.

    Satan holds sway over man.

    Satan and his fallen angels then operate and rule over man as the Prince of the Power of the air and rulers of darkness.

    ` ...the prince of the power of the air,....(Eph. 2: 2)

    `...principalities,....powers....rulers of darkness....spiritual wickedness in high places.` (Eph. 6: 12)

    Over time we see that man`s heart was continually deceitful till God brought judgment of the flood. (Gen. 6: 5)

    Government by Man.

    After the flood God gave man responsibility of government to bring in the law.

    ` Surely for your lifeblood I will demand a reckoning;.... from the hand of man..`(Gen. 9: 5 & 6)

    As man multiplied they desired to make a name for themselves and built a high tower. This would lead to some controlling others. Thus God confused their language and they scattered abroad. (Gen. 11: 7 - 9)

    Israel`s Rulership

    God didn`t despair of man but continued to work towards having His righteous government to rule mankind. Thus God made His own nation of Israel to rule righteously over the other nations. He worked with His nation for many years teaching them His laws and His ways. Some of Israel`s rulers listened to God while others led the people astray. Finally God told Israel that they would have to go through a period of chastisement under Gentile rule, but that He would restore them again. (Dan. 9: 24)

    Gentile Rulership

    The Gentile nations were then given rulership of the world. Five world rulers were foretold - Babylon, Medes and Persians, Greece and Rome, with a final world Ruler at the end of the Gentiles Rulership. All these world rulers are judged by God.

    Thus we see from the 3rd heaven through the universal realm and finally on the earth there has been corruption. Rulership is in rebellion against God and the effects are disastrous - pain, suffering, sickness, disease and death. Seemingly incurable.



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  1. Justin BT
    I like the diagram. Personally I don’t have the same certainty that the third heaven is so neatly divided like that! Is the bible that exactly clear on the meaning of this term?
    1. Marilyn C
      Thank you for the encouragement. Yes it is simplified. However if we think about how the angels sang when God created the universal & atmospheric heavens and earth, then the angelic realm must have been created first. (Job. 38: 4 - 7)