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3,000 Blessings To Give Away

  1. Anyone need some CF blessings? I have 3,000 I want to give away. If you need less than that to get upgrades, just ask for what you need. If you want them all, I will give them to the first one to ask for them. I have about 3,700 total right now, and just want to give them to someone that wants them.
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  1. Greg Merrill
    Instead of anyone asking for blessings, the morning after I posted this I found out I had been given 150,000 blessings. "Give and it shall be given unto you... shall men/women give unto you." Luke 6:38. There is a lesson there.
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    1. Greg Merrill
      I have been able to transfer these 150,000 blessings to about half a dozen people. May God use these blessings to truly bless people, both those that gave them to me, and those that have now received them.
  2. DeerGlow
    I forget where it is exactly, but there is a sub forum called the Blessings Exchange where I think you can sort of commission people for things in exchange for blessings if you want to post there.
    1. Greg Merrill
      I found the "Blessings Exchange" by using "search". Thanks for the tip.
    2. DeerGlow
      No problem. :)
  3. Shoetoyou
    I don't need these blessings (but always can use more blessings from our Father), but like your generous spirit.
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