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(1) No Hipocrisy Shall Stand Before Him

  1. So allow me to explain... why... "this song"...

    This first Song is what I consider my "Table Flipping" song. (1)

    This song was written by a person that claimed to be an Atheist and I warn anyone reading, it's free of vulgarity, but it is a genuine Rock n' Roll song... so again look away if such things would hamper your walk with Jesus!


    God HATES NO MAN! Even the misconstrued verse about Esau is in Hebrew root, which actually means (Wounded to the point of withdrawal, from something ... Loved... or effort has been placed towards)

    But God does hate hipocrisy! He hates when people bar up the easy yoke and narrow gate that IS literally JESUS.

    He Hates when people are turned away from Him by utterances of people not being good enough or sinless enough.

    So many people throughout all time have claimed to have a MONOPOLY on God... and they complicate the simplicity of God's Love.

    This song is literally about people that condemn people IN HIS NAME>

    About Author

    Grip Docility
    Meh... who cares about the Author....

    How about the Author's best Friend.

    God, the LORD GOD, Aviad, YeHoshua Meshach, Came for Sinners. He wasn't shy about this. He never taught people to sin, He exposed what sin was, and always taught principles of Love...

    We know He's not a Pacifist... because of verses like this (Exodus 15:3)

    We know He desired human unity in His Love (1 John 4:8)

    We know He never compromises to what is truly unjust... (Matthew 23)


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