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How do I know if I'm speaking in tongues?

Discussion in 'Spirit-Filled / Charismatic' started by AudioArtist, Feb 22, 2004.

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  1. AudioArtist

    AudioArtist AudioArtist

    How do I know if I'm speaking in tongues? I mean, I can speak random syllables and invent strange languages and do fake "arabian" monalogues quite easily which sound like the tongues I hear others speak in Church, but I do believe it's possible to REALLY speak in tongues, and have been told by leaders that I just have to "speak by faith".

    But how do I KNOW what I'm doing isn't a waste of time or me being inventive with word noises? How do I KNOW the Holy Spirit is actually involved? And how can I have faith he IS involved when I know full well I could easily be making it up, just as I could make those sounds before I was a Christian?

    Thanks for your help.
  2. parker4Christ

    parker4Christ New Member

    wow....really good question, one that i hear many ppl ask. well, for me, part of it was just the faith....just knowing that i wasn't crazy and wasn't making it up. another part was i just knew that it wasn't me...not really sure how to explain that. i mean, yes, i can just mumble some random syllables, but that's not what's happening when i'm praying in the Spirit. i had a friend who wasn't sure if she had actually received the baptism of the Holy Spirit...she was afraid that she might be making it up, so one sunday morning after service she just went up and talked to the pastor and he confirmed it.
  3. hraedisc

    hraedisc Veteran

    Is there such a thing as typing in tongues?

    How do I know if I'm typing in tongues?
  4. flyfishing

    flyfishing Member


    question and please it is not meant to condenm but why were you speaking in this "language sounds" before salvation??

    an exhortation/observation. If you have the Baptism of the Holy spirit you know it. There is a sense of Gods presence that brings you into a deeper level of consecration in Him.. that being said there is always in a genuine experience doubts that come from ole slewfoot. he wants us to doubt our salvation, our prayer life,our effectiveness in the ministry..

    I would keep seeking the LOrd, in another thread there is a brother who posted a link to a website that people pray for you to recieve the Holy spirit.. call them and have them pray with/counsel you.. Or go to a really mature Christian in your church and discuss this.. :hug:
  5. TheScottsMen

    TheScottsMen Veteran

    To know is very easy. You already know the difference between fake and real. Hasn't anyone ever told you a bad joke and you laughed just make to them happy? You know the laugh wasn't real. Now, have you ever heard a funny joke that just made that laugh come so quick out of your belly that you just about tipped over?! So it is with speaking in tongues.
  6. Victorian Rose

    Victorian Rose The Lord is my Strength

    When I first started speaking in tongues, I just did what everybody else was doing. I wanted the gift and I didn't want to be the only one not speaking in tongues so, I just started saying nonsense words. It wasn't long before the Holy Spirit took over (like 2 minutes). I stepped out in faith. That's all it took. There is a difference. For me, when the Holy Spirit took over, it felt like the presence of God just filling me up and pouring out of me. I just knew that the tongues coming out of my mouth meant something. And I got the goose bumps. Sometimes I can understand what the Holy Spirit is praying through me.
  7. Andrew

    Andrew Well-Known Member

    ha ha, that's how I started too. After praying the prayer of faith for the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, I just made up some words in my head like "ba ma la ra" and kept on saying them out loud over and over again.

    If ever there was a time I felt most stupid and embarassed, it was then! (although I was alone in my room upstairs.)

    But after a while, dont know how long, it just shot forth.

    The difference is this: You dont have to THINK (MIND) of what to say anymore. It just comes naturally and pours forth like a speeding train. The process bypasses your brain becos it is coming out of your spirit.

    And if you keep at it, after a certain season, you find that the words that come forth sound different, and then after another season, sounds a little different again. :)
  8. Svt4Him

    Svt4Him Legend Supporter

    I heard of a story about some research done regarding this. They took two groups of people and got one group to speak in tongues, the second to make up speaking in tongues. Then they had a group of linguists evaluate it. For the latter, they said it was garbled. The former said they could further break it down into two groups, known languages, and unknown languages, but not garbled. I would like a cite for this, as I believe the study did take place, as I was pointed to it by an atheist. But I still like to make sure.
  9. deg

    deg Regular Member

    Svt4Him, check out the book called "They Speak With Other Tongues" by John Sherrill. You'll find it in there.:idea:
  10. Didaskalos

    Didaskalos He is Lord Of ALL

    Another snippet from the Bereanonline...

    If you have never spoken or prayed in tongues, it is very likely that you will by the end of this lesson.

    First let us establish the truth by the word.

    Jesus said:

    Mark 16:17
    And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues;

    This sign follows you because you believe; YOU SPEAK WITH NEW TONGUES!

    Repeat and profess what Jesus has said about you, a believer:
    "Thank you father that I speak with new tongues, Jesus said I do, and He does not lie"
    Say this many times as you pray.

    For a long time I thought and taught (as many do) that the Holy Spirit speaks in tongues, and that the "initial evidence" of the baptism in the Holy Spirit is speaking in tongues. As I have grown older and had my teaching corrected by the Lord, I have had to change this.

    (1.) The initial evidence of receiving the Holy Spirit is the faith that you have received. Jesus said He would give you the Holy Spirit if you asked, and He did not lie. I do not care if you _never_ speak in tongues, Jesus did not lie. You asked, He gave. Period! FAITH is the (initial _and_ final!) EVIDENCE of things not seen.(Heb 11:1) We receive the Holy Spirit by faith (Gal 2:1-6)

    (2.) We believe that we have received the Holy Spirit. It is His purpose to come along side us to help us. But the fact is, the Holy Spirit does not speak in tongues!

    Read 1 Cor 14:14
    "..if I pray with an unknown tongue, MY SPIRIT PRAYS..."


    If you are going to speak or pray in tongues, it is going to be _you_ that does it. The Holy Spirit will come along side to help. He will give you "utterance", or words to say. So if we believe that we have received the Holy Spirit, then it is the _utterance_ that is the initial physical manifestation that we receive... not the speaking. ALL have the utterance (all who have asked!) but think erroneously that the Holy Spirit is going to take over their mouths and tongues and force them to speak. This is not scriptural. He gives you utterance. YOU speak. The Holy Spirit helps your infirmities by giving you slight physical manifestations to _help_ you. He will not do it for you.

    Romans 8:26
    Likewise the Spirit also helpeth our infirmities: for we know not what we should pray for as we ought: but the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered.

    Here Paul is talking about intercession. But the general principle is the same. In this case, a "groaning" (a discernable physical manifestation) that cannot be uttered is given. If you have ever interceded in this manner, you will know that this physical manifestation is said to resemble "labor pains". You may have seen people praying very intensely, bowed over, and even holding their lower body. This is a physical manifestation given by the Holy Spirit designed to help our infirmities. As a babe desiring to speak in tongues, He will also come along side to help your obvious "infirmities".

    Look at this verse Isaiah 28:11

    "For with stammering lips and another tongue will he speak to this people"

    Two things:
    stammering lips-the Hebrew word means a mocker, or imitator.

    The concept is that the speaker _appears_ to be mocking a foreigner. The speaking is so "odd", that it is obvious to the hearer that the speaker does not know the language he is speaking, and so the hearer assumes the speaker is mocking a foreigner. In the middle seventies, many Viet-Nam "boat people" were coming to the U.S. They would speak very rapidly in a strange language with unusual soundings and pronunciations. American children would "mock" or "imitate" these speech patterns. The manifestation of speaking in tongues is going to resemble these children. You will likely repeat certain sounds and patterns over and over. Often the babe will do this very rapidly and with an apparent excess of tongue movement. (As you mature in your speech, this will change. The speaking will begin to resemble a real language, and become slower. Very often it will include gestures and facial expressions. Eventually, you will _appear_ to be speaking in a language that you actually know.)

    Close your eyes and begin to say Abba. This is a word that the scripture says is _already_ in you. It is there! Repeat it over and over in faith. Speak forth from your love for God and Jesus. Reach down into your "belly" where the living waters flow and speak the love for the father word "Abba".
    While you are doing this, be aware of any sensations or movement of your lips or tongue. Here are some physical manifestations that may come:

    * There is a rapid tapping of the tongue against the top of the mouth associated with a hard "t"( as in tall), dull "d" (as in double), soft "n" (as in Nabel), "l" (as in lad).
    * There is a "numbness" of the lips that together with the blowing of air out the mouth is associated with a "b"( as in butter) or "p" (as in Paul) sound.
    * Sometimes there will be a slight constricting of the throat, associated with the "k"(as in cud, or more guttural as in "q" in quote) or "g" ( as in go) sounds.
    * There may be a blowing of air over the tongue that has an "s" (as in say) sound.
    * There is a sound produced by the pushing of air through the mouth with the top lips pressing on the bottom teeth, or the "f" ( as in first) sound or "v"(as in vote).
    * The is the rubbing of teeth together to produce a "r" (as in rough).
    * A mmm sound "m" (as in make).

    In these cases and in others, the sensation will be there, but _you_ have to provide the breath through the mouth. If you feel a sensation as indicated above, simply blow your breath through the sensation to produce the indicated sound. You will likely repeat this single sound over and over, as if you were stammering it.

    Sometimes it will happen that as you are praying in English, that a strange sound or word will come out that you had not planned to say.
    Sometimes you will be praying in English and it will seem that unusual words in another language will come into your mind.
    Sometimes it will occur that if you have ever heard a person pray in tongues, you will recall what they were saying and feel as if you are to say the same words.

    One important point you have to remember is that the Holy Spirit does not speak in tongues: _you_ speak. As you have faith, he will help your infirmities with some manifestation. YOU have to take the step of faith and proceed. IT MAY SEEM FOOLISH WHILE YOU ARE DOING IT. In fact it should! You are a baby learning how to talk. How did you expect it to sound?
  11. Faith_04

    Faith_04 New Member

    Can you speak in tongues in your mind? If that makes sense. Like when your thinking but it doesn't verbally come out of your mouth and you say it?
  12. Jim B

    Jim B Well-Known Member

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  13. Victorian Rose

    Victorian Rose The Lord is my Strength

    I find that sometimes it may start out that way but, it doesn't stay that way. The Holy Spirit likes to be heard. :)
  14. LynneClomina

    LynneClomina Well-Known Member

    yes, totally, i hear it alot in my mind, but as someone said earlier, i am not thinking about it, in the sense of "what comes next"... its just like i'm hearing the Spirit speak into me...
  15. flower0207

    flower0207 New Member

    I will give my experience with speaking in tongues. I was brought up a baptist and never heard anything about the Holy Spirit when I was growing up. I married into a Charismatic family. I was always afraid to speak in tongues because I didnt want people to think I was faking it or that maybe the devil was trying to trick me. Anyway recently (within the last 6 months) I was praying silently as I always do and the Holy Spirit came over me. While I was praying... the prayer that I was saying dissapeared from my mind completely and tongues started in my mind. My tongue actually felt thicker and I could feel the Holy Spirit on me very strongly. My mouth became numb also. I was letting the Holy Spirit work thru me until my flesh got the better of me and it suddenly stopped. I tried to relax enough to let it continue but it was gone. I know it was not me. I know it was God. I just want more. I want to have the courage to do it aloud, but I know that God knows just when the right time will be, so I will continue to seek him daily and look forward to the day that He will manifest Himself to me more and more.
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