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    Adult daughter future and cellphone usage

    At public colleges and universities, there are campus ministries which provide social lives for students, and which emphasize the Gospel and discipleship. You get to know people from there, you hang out, you're generally too busy to get into too much trouble. They all tend to do the same stuff...
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    Why men don't approach women anymore

    Because it's the best approximation to how I feel about dating today. I said "her level or worse" when describing one of the interviewees, to be clear. What I meant was her level of short-sightedness, poor attitude, reflexive inflexibility, lack of consideration for what matters to a man, and...
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    Is it possible to be too ugly to get IRL friends?

    5 is average, 4 is below average. I'd prefer not to graphically describe 1 out of 10 because some of those people might read this. But trust me, you ain't that. There are things that could happen to you that would make you a 1, and they would be very painful. We'll just leave it at that. I...
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    Is it possible to be too ugly to get IRL friends?

    No, that's not honest or objective. I as a straight man would put your face/head at a 4. Doesn't mean you don't have other features that could bring that down, and the ladies may rate you differently.
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    How do people continue to love God despite tragedy and his silence?

    By remembering that the opposite of loving him doesn't benefit you, and also remembering the good that he did do for you.
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    Why men don't approach women anymore

    From what I've seen of her channel, she's a lot more balanced than that. I can think of some others that do fit your description. She interviews ladies about a number of topics that elicit those narratives to get their views and paint a more realistic picture. There's one who likely is...
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    Is it possible to be too ugly to get IRL friends?

    Having viewed the pic you posted here, I can confidently say that your facial appearance is not your problem. The way you describe yourself, I was thinking of someone like the Elephant Man. That's not you.
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    To the guys! Have you held a girls hand or had her put her arm around yours?

    Giving a lady your arm and her taking it is common. Ushers at weddings have done that for grandmas. Kids in high school plays do that. I don't find that intrusive, though I do find unsolicited hugs to be intrusive; there's a time and a place for that, either on a date or at a funeral.
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    Should I give up trying to find a wife?

    What would be the right way to ask her about that?
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    Similar Threads - can we change this?

    I've noticed when posting that there are Similar Threads at the bottom. Some of these threads are from 2005. This makes it too easy to necro-post on old threads where most if not all of the people involved are no longer here, and also when the rules were different. Rules have changed in various...
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    General tips and encouragement for Christian men and women about dating.

    "Be yourself" is a massive lie. They tell you to be yourself, and then they tell you that being yourself isn't good enough.
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    Is repeating verses for longtime bad or good?

    Sure, you can do Bible verses. I'd even say you can do other true statements which have Bible verses as their foundation.
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    NASA Scientists Present Theory About Why We Haven't Met Other Intelligent Life. It's Crushing.

    “Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.” ― Arthur C. Clarke
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    Should I give up trying to find a wife?

    Why should they need to sign membership papers to a church? I take my faith fairly seriously but I have never formally joined my church as a member.