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    Are AI Products really "Le Creme de la Creme"?

    All the turkey I ate for Thanksgiving must have dulled my comprehensive thinking skills. I'm not following your question too well :scratch:.
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    Are AI Products really "Le Creme de la Creme"?

    With today's AI, the Holy Spirit may work with the AI to help the person using the AI get a grammatically correct and smoother flowing written piece like Laodicean60 suggested in one of his posts. But to give the AI a few choice words or a theme and letting the AI generate a "Spirit" driven...
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    Are AI Products really "Le Creme de la Creme"?

    I remember that movie! Now I'm going to be searching the internet for the name of it :doh:. Also, check out the movie Artificial Intelligence for a sneak peek into the future.
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    Are AI Products really "Le Creme de la Creme"?

    That's a great question. I believe the Holy Spirit could use AI to create the greatest and most inspirational works ever but would the Holy Spirit do so? I personally don't think so because the Holy spirit can out perform AI with both wings tied behind it's back and hopping on one leg. Why...
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    Are AI Products really "Le Creme de la Creme"?

    So this was tried in a German Church already and now a Texas church is going to try something similar? Wow! I was expecting to see some discussion leading up to the use of AI in a religious ceremony but I wasn't expecting to actually see it has taken place already. The reason I am a little...
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    Are AI Products really "Le Creme de la Creme"?

    Or are they just another choice in a long slew of suggestions? The article wouldn't...
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    A Sickeningly Sad Day For The UnBorn Child A Prayer For The Helpless Unborn (author unknown) Heavenly Father, You create all women/men in Your own image, and You desire that not even the least among us should perish. In Your love for...
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    40 amazing facial reconstructions, from Stone Age shamans to King Tut

    Those reconstructions were amazing. They give the viewer a real feel that these people were alive and living on this Earth at one point. The reconstructed faces are just some illustrators rendition of a bronze age human being or a stone age Neanderthal. These people were alive, talking...
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    Why is earth's AGE important to you?

    Whoa there kimosobi (did I spell that right, it was off the cuff)! You take the Virgin birth of Jesus away, you might as well take away Jesus' resurrection from the dead. There are beliefs that ALL Christians should hold as true (the Trinity, Virgin birth of Jesus, the Resurrection of Jesus...
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    Women Should Not Vote

    I know femininity is making a comeback but this isn't right, this article. I think Janet Bloomfield is a staunch feminist trying to disguise herself as a true feminine woman just to start trouble. Or Janet was never allowed to watch Wonder Woman back in the 70's ^_^.
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    Was God's choosing Israel an act of aparteid...

    There is no way God choosing Israel over other nations could be looked upon as apartheid. The word apartheid wasn't used as a word until about 1929 in Africa. A difference of over 4000 years :wave:.
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    Europeans have less Neanderthal DNA than East Asians

    Sorry, I should have stated that better. What you said is way bigger than I was thinking. Although I have to admit, I do find the search for for humankinds paths through the ages fascinating. Where they started from, which direction they took out of Africa (or did they originate elsewhere...
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    Europeans have less Neanderthal DNA than East Asians

    Let me ask you the big question then - WHAT? Alright, I was trying to be funny there but it crashed with a fizzle. BUT, we can still salvage the moment. First, what does this mean to you? I try to follow alot of the suggestions that some paleontologist throw out for analysis as to when did...
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    Dozens of protesters blockade San Fernando Library, shut down drag queen story event

    Yes, we faithful Christians, Muslims and Orthodox Jews may be in the minority for not supporting LGBTQ+ positions (or so the mainstream media leads us to believe) but like abortion, we know we are on the right side of issue. Trans people have a mental disorder and they should not be paraded...
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    Scholastic Book Fairs accommodate state censorship efforts by segregating some titles (including "I am Ruby Bridges") into an optional collection

    Alot of librarians are Pro-LGBTQ+ activists. Hence, they probably did sneak them in to the library.,this%20rises%20to%2097.3%20percent.